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 [TOSE] Toxic Crusaders

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PostSubject: [TOSE] Toxic Crusaders   [TOSE] Toxic Crusaders Icon_minitimeWed Sep 27, 2017 10:21 am

Based on a cartoon, based on a B movie series.

NES (1992, published by Bandai)
1 player

[TOSE] Toxic Crusaders Tc10

Select being the strong move is why instruction manuals were so important before games had tutorials, as the button was usually literally only for menu selection, or changing inventory items, or anything else but actually attacking. Despite the title screen, you have no continues. You have to try to beat this highly challenging game with 3 lives. There are passwords for later stages, which is what the continue option is actually for.
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[TOSE] Toxic Crusaders
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