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 [Noise Factory] Gaia Crusaders

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PostSubject: [Noise Factory] Gaia Crusaders   [Noise Factory] Gaia Crusaders Icon_minitimeFri Aug 04, 2017 2:42 pm

Arcade (1999)
1-2 players

[Noise Factory] Gaia Crusaders Gaia10

Button 1 - punch/pick up items/use weapons
button 2 - kick
button 3 - jump
3, 1 - jump punch
3, 2 - jump kick
3 & 2 - guard(?? makes an energy shield, but I can't tell if it reduces damage)
button 4 - magic(requires an element, you start with 3, and there are plenty of pick ups throughout)
double tap Left/Right - dash(this is an attack in itself)
dash, 1 - dash punch/weapon strike
dash, 2 - dash kick

some items include healing, or instant magic effects(like an earthqauke to damage all onscreen enemies). As this is the same development company behind Sengoku 3, you have the same combo system of mixing the attack buttons for various results(weapons included). Depending on which element your character is more proficient in, they will use an all screen attack with it(the element icon will be larger than icon for the other elements they're not as good with). Some are actually good with 2 elements. When you get far enough, 2 boss characters will join after you beam them, individually.
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[Noise Factory] Gaia Crusaders
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