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 [Infogrames] Toxic Crusader

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PostSubject: [Infogrames] Toxic Crusader   [Infogrames] Toxic Crusader Icon_minitimeMon Aug 21, 2017 12:45 pm

Based on a cartoon, based on a B-movie series.

Genesis (1992, published by Sega)
1-2 players

[Infogrames] Toxic Crusader Toxicc10

controls(can be adjusted in the options)
A - shoot/melee 1
B - shoot/melee 2
C - jump
C, A/B (jump attack, different for each button, on foot only)
double tap Left/Right - dashing headbutt attack (on foot only)

You'll start the game with your characters on skateboard with automatic fire, using B only, and can jump off with C. I don't advise that, as you only seem to move forward on the board, and it's harder to avoid the cars coming from both sides of the street. Should your character get knocked off, just walk back onto the skateboard. Powerups can be collected, which can spread out the shot. The next stage puts your characters on foot. Items are walked over to pick up(these include health restoration and temporary speed boosts, some even seem to change your characters moves, and some are extra lives). When you defeat helicopter enemies, your character can then get inside(shown above with Toxie), and attack with B(automatic fire), drop missiles with A(needs a few seconds before dropping another), and can land by holding C, but the helicopter is then destroyed.

Choosing a different character, or even 2 player mode, is done through the last option the options menu. In a 2 player game though, player 1 can only be Toxie.
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[Infogrames] Toxic Crusader
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