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 [Capcom] Knights of the Round

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PostSubject: [Capcom] Knights of the Round   [Capcom] Knights of the Round Icon_minitimeFri Mar 06, 2015 11:38 am

(Arcade, SNES; 1991)
1-3 players

[Capcom] Knights of the Round Knight10
(^arcade version)

Button 1/Y: Attack
Button 2/B: Jump/ride horse
X: Defense
A: M. Crush (desperation)

To guard, either press 1/Y, then away quickly(keep holding the button to keep the guard up, which won't be longer than a couple seconds. The downside is you seem to freeze for a couple seconds afterward. This is the same as just pressing/holding X on the SNES), or press away as you're about to get hit. 1/Y, then quickly press forward to perform a power attack. Away & 2/B escapes backward(Arthur and Lancelot attack at certain points of theirs). 2/B, 1/Y jump attacks. 1/Y & 2/B simultaneously is the desperation attack(or just press A on the SNES).

On Horseback, attack like normal with 1/Y. Press 2/B to turn around. forward, forward makes the horse leap, damaging enemies it lands near enough, and you can still attack mid-jump. 1/Y, then forward quickly makes the horse rear back, then 1/Y again will power attack. 1/Y & 2/B simultaneously(or just A) for a desperation attack(gives up the horse for a forward charge, instead of health).

The characters have their own unique moves. Percival can double tap left/right to dash, where you can either attack, or jump attack. Arthur & Lancelot have a behind attack with away & 1/Y, or if you press away, forward, & 1/Y you could do it in front. This move has more speed, but slightly less damaging than a power attack, without the knockdown. Lancelot's has more range than most moves in the game. Lancelot has this sort of attack and escape move with 1/Y, then quickly press Up. Arthur also has a 1/Y, then quickly press Up move, but just jumps straight up, and can attack in the middle of that jump.

Items are automatically picked up by walking over them. Large items, can be split into smaller items, and it's seemingly always worthwhile to do so as they add more to your score that way, which this time around works like experience. With enough points your character levels up, and their armor/weapon visibly changes to reflect that. When food items are picked up at full health, they add to the experience points. You can also gain experience points by going after the same type of enemy as the one you just defeated, before moving onto another enemy type. Try to beat bosses with normal attacks as well, as you don't get as much exp. for beating them with desperation moves, or escape moves. You can also get bonus points for beating stages quickly enough.

Special items include red orbs, which clear the screen of enemies and leave exp. items behind. Green orbs which do the same, except leave food behind. Knight Chess pieces, which calls a horse to ride on. Finally, a magic staff, which immediately increases your level.

This is actually the first time Capcom used horseback riding in a beat 'em up, that wasn't on horseback the entire game. Almost like a test run for Warriors of Fate(or Tenchi wo Kurau 2).

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Posts : 261
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PostSubject: Re: [Capcom] Knights of the Round   [Capcom] Knights of the Round Icon_minitimeFri Jul 28, 2017 1:18 pm

Hopefully the videos stay up. That's why I never use 'em in the initial posts, since you never know.
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PostSubject: Re: [Capcom] Knights of the Round   [Capcom] Knights of the Round Icon_minitime

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[Capcom] Knights of the Round
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