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  [Capcom] Tenchi (w)o Kurau

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PostSubject: [Capcom] Tenchi (w)o Kurau    [Capcom] Tenchi (w)o Kurau Icon_minitimeSat Feb 28, 2015 10:21 am

Explaining the Japanese title: Sometimes these games are listed with the 'w' and sometimes they're listed with just the 'o'. I don't know which is proper.

Dynasty Wars/Tenchi (w)o Kurau (Developed by Capcom/Teirtex[PC versions]; Published by U.S. Gold for the PC's; 1989; Arcade, PC Engine CD, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum):
Note: PC Engine is not a PC, but the Japanese version of the TurboGrafx-16
1-2 players.

Button 1: Attack left
Button 2: Attack right
Button 3: Desperation attack

Your character, out of a choice of 4, based on the Shu side of Chinese history, around ~169-280 A.D., is on horseback the whole game. The Desperation attack changes, not sure what the circumstances are, but the most common attacks are calling in archers to shoot flaming arrows, which send flames along the ground, falling boulders form the sky, or summoning an assistant that stays and helps you fight a while. Either attack button can be held down to charge a meter for a more powerful, more ranged attack(full charge is about half screen). If you're fighting a boss, and he gets behind you, you can hold the other button down simultaneously, let go of the one you've been holding, and then let go of the one you're now holding to continue with your charged attack, so the game doesn't leave you hanging in that scenario.

There's an experience system, usually from collecting orange orbs, and tallying up your score between stages. Upon level-up, the character only gains more health, which is represented in numerical form at the top of the screen. Sometimes you'll come across weapon upgrades, a square shaped icon with the image of a weapon in it, which will visibly change your weapon. Not sure what it does, if anything, from a gameplay standpoint. There are also blue orbs that can be collected, again, I have no idea what these do. Sometimes orbs are collected from fallen enemies, sometimes they're in breakable objects, such as pots and treasure chests.

When a boss shows up, they have a health meter. Approximately 4-5 hits decreases an increment from their health meter, but connecting with a fully charge attack takes one by itself. There's voice acting, and it's about what you can expect from a game in '89. The arcade cabinet will throw a good number of enemies at you, since the characters are small.

Overall, the forced horseback riding certainly makes for a unique hack 'n slash beat 'em up experience.

Note: The screen after most final boss battles is a fairly gory depiction of your character cutting the previous boss in half. You don't see the lower half, but you do see the copious amounts of blood where it should be. In at least one case, the character was shown without having been severed and no trace of blood at all, perhaps because he was older.

Also it should be noted that once a character is chosen, you seem to be stuck with them for the duration of your playthrough.

Warriors of Fate/Tenchi (w)o Kurau II/Tenchi (W)o Kurau II: Sekiheki no Tatakai/Sangokushi II (Capcom; 1992; Arcade, Saturn, PS1):
1-3 players.

Button 1: Weak attack
Button 2: Strong attack

Walking backward a few steps will turn around. Press Button 1 multiple times to do a multi-attack(think E. Honda's 100 hand slap, or Chun-Li's lightning kicks in Street Fighter II. Kadan can do this on foot as well). I don't know if you have to hold forward or not, but being close enough to an enemy while attacking with button 1 seems to perform an impale and throw. Away, forward & button 1 does a strong attack that creates an energy wave(except for Kadan, who fires an energized arrow). Away and Button 1 attacks behind the character. Away and Button 2 turns around instantly, with an attack. Forward & Button 2 makes the horse charge, which hurts enemies it runs into. Forward, Button 2, Button 2 again quickly, will make your character swing their weapon around while moving forward. Press both buttons at the same time for a desperation attack. Down & Button 2 dismounts from the horse.

Note: On Horseback, items are picked up automatically. Also, Kadan and Abaka are the only 2, of the 5 characters, who keep their own weapons on horseback. The other 3 have a spear.

On foot:
Button 1: Attack
Button 2: Jump

Walking into an unmounted horse rides it. Button 1 leads to a 3 hit strike combo. Pressing/holding Down by the 3rd hit will throw an enemy forward. Pressing/holding Up by the 3rd hit will throw an enemy behind(Kadan is exempt from both of these moves as his main attack is to shoot an arrow, which continually pushes enemies away). Down, Up & Button 1 performs a power attack, and can be done within a grab, to make the most powerful combo possible(Subutai can add a slide to it by using Up/Forward instead of just Up). Pressing both buttons at the same time performs a characters desperation attack. Down & Button 2 performs a dash attack. Button 2, then Button 1 will perform a jump attack. Button 2, left/right & Button 1 will perform an alternate jump attack(except for Portor and Akaba). Walking into an enemy performs a grab. During the grab you can combo attack 3 times, or throw by holding left/right, with Button 1(Kassar does a different throw with forward and away). Pressing Button 2, then Button 1 during a grab allows Portor, Kassar, and Akaba a unique attack. Kadan has one by pressing Button 2, then pressing Button 1 mid-vault, otherwise he just jumps over enemies, and lands back to back. Pressing Down & Button 1 during a grab is another unique attack for Kassar. Pressing left/right & Button 2, then Button 1 is another unique move for Kassar. One more unique thing about Kassar is that his grab combo becomes an overhead squeeze(which he can't combo into his power attack), in which he can do his backward throw with either direction, or either of his jump throws, if you don't finish off his combo.

The gameplay definitely got a lot deeper for the sequel, though there isn't much to describe, if you're already familiar with the Final Fight series. The optional horseback controls(though you start the game that way) offer something unique though.

Characters with swords will cut enemies in half if they defeat them with their power move(possibly grab combo's as well). It's not gory, but it can be against bosses, as you actually decapitate the first boss, instead.

Each character has their own gameplay quirks, which makes them feel different, and not a lot of beat 'em ups pull it off as well as this one does.

All in all: It's a bit of a strange series, as Dynasty wars is pre-Final Fight, and thus something different entirely, whereas Warriors of Fate is post-Final Fight, and much more like it.
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[Capcom] Tenchi (w)o Kurau
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