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 [Capcom] Dungeons and Dragons

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PostSubject: [Capcom] Dungeons and Dragons   [Capcom] Dungeons and Dragons Icon_minitimeThu Mar 05, 2015 10:03 am

Note: These games have digital distribution versions for the PC, PS3, 360, and Wii U.

Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom
(Arcade/Saturn; 1993):
1-4 payers.

Button 1: Attack/pick up items/open chests/read signs/rescue hostages
Button 2: jump
Button 3: Use inventory item/magic
Button 4: Change inventory item/magic

It probably should be noted that only the Elf and Cleric will have spells. Should the Fighter and Dwarf find themselves out of items, 3 will then serve as an extra attack. If you press Away, after attacking, it cancels into a guard, which you'll hold as long as the button is held down, you don't move forward, and you don't take a hit. If you block a hit, then immediately press forward & 1, you'll counter attack. Forward & 1, when not guarding, does a strong attack, which can make enemies dizzy(hard hitting enemies can make you dizzy as well). Holding Down as you press, and hold, 2 will make the character crouch, who can then attack from there. Items can be picked up quicker this way, if you're in a hurry. While crouching, if you let go of 2, and quickly press 1, you'll dash forward and attack. Still crouching, hold either Down/forward or Down/away, let go of 2, and press 2 again quickly to either slide or roll backward. 2, 1 is a jump attack. 2, away & 1 will jump & attack an enemy behind you. 2, Down & 1 is a dive attack, which can hit enemies lying on the ground. Standing above a fallen enemy and pressing 1 will strike them while they're down too, as well as just simply attacking while crouching. Double tap left/right to run. While running you can attack, or perform either jump attack, which adds a bit of height.

The RPG elements are really more of a formality here. "Xp" is effectively the replacement word for "score," and leveling up just happens between stages. However, any D&D knowledge can actually help you out, like knowing a certain enemy can only be killed by fire, and using a spell, or the oil item, against it as the final attack will kill it off. Otherwise it'll revive and continue the fight. There are rings that can be picked up in place of spells, even for non-magic users. As well as armor with special attributes, that are equipped when you pick them up, like "boots of speed." There are chests throughout, and you can try to open them by standing in front of the lock. You can also break them open by attacking them, or standing behind(above) them to lift them over your head, and throw them. You really only want to resort to that if you don't have a key for a locked chest. Some chests may be trapped, and you'll get a warning by trying to open it the old fashioned way, otherwise you'll get nailed by the trap. Metal chests can't be broken into, but can be damaging as a weapon.

There are branching paths, where the player has a choice of which dilemma to choose to take care of, which determines which enemies and bosses they'll face. There are even entrances that can just be walked into for some bonuses. After each stage, your characters stay at an inn, where they can buy inventory items and healing. You can also talk to the inn keeper by clicking on them, or just finish up by clicking on the exit sign.

There at least a couple of Mike Haggar lookalikes. One who makes you sign your name at the beginning of the game, and one that's even the mayor of Corunglain.

Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara
(Arcade/Saturn; 1996):
1-4 players.

Button 1: Attack/pick up items/open chests/rescue hostages/choose from inventory & magic
Button 2: Jump/switch between pages in inventory & magic(only for characters who wield magic)
Button 3: Inventory & magic/rotate options in ring
Button 4: Use inventory item or magic/choose from inventory & magic
Start game button: Check equipment

So, to explain the inventory/magic/ring deal, when you press 3 it opens up a ring of inventory items, and then by pressing 3 again, as often as needed, you cycle through the ring, and finally make your choice with 1/4. With the characters that use magic(Elf, Cleric, and Magic User), after you bring the ring up, you can press 2 to get to another ring(these characters usually have 3 rings), where 3 cycles through and 1/4 chooses something. The Elf can rapidly fire arrows by selecting arrows(which are unlimited for her) and pressing 4 quickly.

This time around, if you hold 1 down as you connect, your character will combo it into a move that knocks enemies down. The same move can be done if you select the "nothing" option of the item side of the ring, and press 4. The Dwarf can multi-hit by pressing 1 rapidly. Standing near/just above(Magic User's must be just above) a fallen enemy will strike them while they're down. Blocking, which excludes the Thief and Magic User, can be done by pressing away immediately after attacking, or selecting "shield" in the ring, and pressing button 4. From there, at the moment an enemy strikes your shield, you can counterattack by immediately pressing forward & 1. There's still a power attack, when not guarding, with Forward & 1, which can still dizzy enemies(mainly with the Magic User). Everyone, except the Magic User, has a Down, Down/forward, forward & 1 move(which can also be done while crouching. The Fighter can combo an extra move by pressing 1 again, after the first hit). Everyone, except the Magic User, has a down, up & 1 attack(Again, the Fighter can combo this into another, by pressing 1 again). If the Thief can get behind an enemy, and the player presses away, forward & 1, she'll jump on their backs and stab them a few times, for some decent damage. Everyone, except the Magic User, has a desperation attack with 1 & 2 simultaneously. 2, 1 jump attacks. 2, Down & 1 dive attacks, which can hit fallen enemies. The Dwarf can press 2, Down & 2 directly over an enemy, or aim at them from an angle with 2, Down/forward & 2, for another dive attack. The Thief can double jump with 2,2 and can wall jump, and continually climb a wall while doing so. Down & 2 to crouch. When crouching, you stay in the position this time, without needing to hold the button, until you either press 2 again, or perform the quarter circle forward move. Down, down/forward, forward & 2 slides. You can run by double tapping left/right, and from there either attack, or perform either jump attack. By not attacking and running directly into enemies, the Thief can cause them to drop items. Quickly tapping either 2,2 or 1,2 will perform a backward escape.

Aside from actual fighting quirks, some characters have other abilities. The Magic User can use the strongest spells in the game. Not sure he's recommended for a solo game though, but his power attack does seem to always stun enemies. The Thief can open any chest without needing keys. She also finds traps, when other would risk setting them off without knowing beforehand. The Dwarf keeps chests around after he opens them, and can attack them for a little more money. Depending on the character, they will or won't be able to pick up certain objects.

A lot of the mechanics from Tower of Doom are still there, such as everything to do with chests. There seem to be fewer path options this time around though. Sometimes a boss character will drop a unique item, which can be traded with an inn keeper, when you get to one(not after every stage this time), for another unique item. The inns now allow you to trash inventory items if you wish to do so, otherwise they're exactly the same as in Tower of Doom(buy something, talk to the inn keeper, or exit). "Xp" is still basically "score" and levels still only occur after stage completion, only this time around, your weapons can also level.

The series adds D&D lore to the hack 'n slash beat 'em up genre, with a lot of adventure elements. It's a unique concept, because most developers would look at D&D and make an RPG, which Capcom themselves are familiar with(Breath of Fire), but they found a way to make it work in a more action oriented genre instead. Shadow Over Mystara, 3 years later, really did a good job establishing a different feel for the characters.
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[Capcom] Dungeons and Dragons
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