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 [Sony Imagesoft] Last Action Hero

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PostSubject: [Sony Imagesoft] Last Action Hero   [Sony Imagesoft] Last Action Hero Icon_minitimeTue Aug 15, 2017 6:51 pm

Based on a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Went by the publisher on this one, as there are different developers between 8 & 16-bit consoles, and the games are also different, but with the same publisher on the same year, it just makes sense to put them together this way.

Genesis, SNES (1993, developed by Bits Studios)
[Sony Imagesoft] Last Action Hero Lahsne10
(^SNES version)

NES (1993, developed by Teeny Weeny Games)
[Sony Imagesoft] Last Action Hero Lahnes10
1 player

Genesis controls:
A - kick
B - punch
C - jump
Down - crouch
Down, A - low kick
Up & A - jump splitz kick (hits enemies on both sides)

The North American release of the SNES version is incomplete, and the European release has more maneuvers. The NA version literally has nothing but Y(punch), B(jump), and X(kick), and X can't combine with crouching. Otherwise the controls are just as the guide suggest for the European version, except it's X, not B, that you use to low kick.

As for the NES version, you can combine the jump with the Up & A kick, or A alone for a jumping punch. Duck with A for a low punch.
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[Sony Imagesoft] Last Action Hero
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