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 [Sega/Coreland] My Hero/Seishun Scandal

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[Sega/Coreland] My Hero/Seishun Scandal Empty
PostSubject: [Sega/Coreland] My Hero/Seishun Scandal   [Sega/Coreland] My Hero/Seishun Scandal Icon_minitimeFri Jun 03, 2016 5:35 pm

Arcade (1985):
1-2 players

Button 1: Attack
Button 2: Jump

Down & 1 low kicks; Up & 1 punches above(which is useful for when enemies drop objects from above); 2, then 1 jump kicks; and 2, then up & 1 punches above during a jump.

That's about the gist of it. It feels a lot like Irem's Kung Fu Master, except you can only take 1 hit, and there don't seem to be any non-boss enemies that can take more than 1(even this games knife thrower). There are check points you can resume from when you die. It seems you can rescue helpers out, who then stay with you until they die, or you get a game over. Which is very likely to happen, as the game is full of difficult to avoid obstacles as well. During boss battles, your character is much more durable, and it becomes a real fight.

Master System (1986):
1-2 players:

1: Jump kick
2: Punch

Up & 2 high kicks, and Down & 2 low kicks.

Other than the control scheme, graphics, sound, lack of hostages/helpers, and maybe some slight level design differences, it's pretty much the same exact thing between arcade and console port.

That said, this is one of the most out-to-get-your-quarters arcade experiences. Not recommended, unless you're a hardcore challenge seeking gamer.

Master System version is completely Sega, and according to M.A.M.E., Coreland has something to do with the arcade version.

For North America and Japan, the Master System version was a My Card game. My Cards being similar to the later released PC Engine/TurboGraphx-16 HuCards, which was that consoles overall game medium, without the disc add-on. Europe had the option of cartridge or card, and South America only had cartridges.
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[Sega/Coreland] My Hero/Seishun Scandal
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