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 [Unico] The Legend of Silk Road

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PostSubject: [Unico] The Legend of Silk Road   [Unico] The Legend of Silk Road Icon_minitimeSun Aug 06, 2017 12:08 pm

Arcade (1999)
1-2 players: Characters: Son of Wild, Doosan/Munmoo; Rose Killer, Ruyu/Sochun; Wild Warrior, Jamuka/khan (the 2nd names are in case both players pick the same character)

[Unico] The Legend of Silk Road Silkro10

button 1 - attack/pick up item
button 2 - jump
button 3 - magic(the icon to the right of the characters name must have color, you can pick up objects to gain more spells)
2, 1 - jump attack
1 & 2 - desperation
walk into non-boss enemy - grab
grab, 1 - strike(~4 hit combo)
grab, 2 - grab strike combo finisher
double tap Left/Right - run
run, 1 - running strike
Down, Down/Forward, Forward & 1 - special 1
Away, Forward & 1 - special 2(this is the only one that Jamuka/khan has, the others have all 3)
Down, Up & 1 - special 3

There's a meter just below the characters health, that drains when special moves are used, but refills as the character attacks enemies. If an enemy is down, but not defeated, you can hit them from the right distance with a normal attack. Some stages give you alternate route choices. Sometimes your character can pick up a better weapon(specials become more powerful), but it won't last if they lose their current life.

(there are these purple jewels you pick up, and there's a count for them under the right side of the health/special move bar, but I couldn't figure out what they do, and simply transitioning to another section of stage will reset the count to 0)
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[Unico] The Legend of Silk Road
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