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 Adam's Story Extended v1.3 & Insanity DLC - Updated for SoRRv5.1

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Adam's Story Extended v1.3 & Insanity DLC - Updated for SoRRv5.1 Empty
PostSubject: Adam's Story Extended v1.3 & Insanity DLC - Updated for SoRRv5.1   Adam's Story Extended v1.3 & Insanity DLC - Updated for SoRRv5.1 Icon_minitimeWed Sep 28, 2016 4:58 pm

The long awaited update for Adam's Story has arrived!
If you have the old version, just wipe it and replace everything with this, even the palettes (a couple of small touches with the mafia and such).

-Turn ON guns. When you beat Stage 6, there's an awesome mini-game... a laugh with guns activated, but will be hell without.
-This is NOT the SoR for V5 series, all nostalgia scenes are 'twisted nostalgia'
(i.e. they won't be like the originals).
Get ready to put on your coolface. One of the twisted nostalgia stages in particular is NSFW (Not Safe For Work), if your coolface is ready you can trololol through it, but if not... you risk freaking out a bit. Twisted Evil
The only relation to the SoR for V5 series is that this mod is connected to the SoR3 for V5 mod.
-It is strongly encouraged that you apply the palettes! The mod just doesn't look right without them and the whole effect for certain enemies is lost if you use any other palettes.

Mania Players Beware - Mod is Very Long and Difficult
-Mania is designed to only be playable if you can stay on top form all the time. Some boss fights in particular can become torture (an extra boss almost everywhere is the main reason Rolling Eyes ). Unless you're an epic player, you WILL lose continues.
-A Good Ending Longplay (no cutscenes skipped; every scene of Stage 3 explored) on Mania will take approximately 2 hours. So that's another reason to drop the difficulty unless you're REALLY ready for it... this mod is highly challenging.

Adam's Story Extended v1.3 & Insanity DLC - Updated for SoRRv5.1 Title
The Team
NattyCat (aka CajNatalie) - Enemy placement, sound work, final tweaks and all-round polish
BadJab - Initial premise designer, and some plot/script tweaks in the early game and final stages
Laucorn - Heavy resource gathering, design of some scenes, and spriting for a certain ending
Don Vecta - Main graphics/scenery design, plot brainstorming, and resource gathering

Also with Help From
Cogbob - Some music
Charco - Resource gathering in one route of Stage 6

Adam: CajNatalie
Max: Don Vecta
Non-Canon: Laucorn
Canon Normal/Hard Co-Op: MCJeffsy & sister
Non-Canon Mania Co-Op: XLHGladiator & Xvlido (no Murphy; checking for excessive difficulty)

-Heavily extended version of the Adam's Story mini-mod
-Fully updated for SoRR v5.1
-Adam controls two teams. Adam, Max, and Murphy are Team A.
Team B will always hit the other location when you have a stage select screen pop up (except in the middle of Stage 5, where it's not necessary and wouldn't make sense).
-3 endings...
Good Ending (same as in mini-mod)
Neutral Ending (Most.Depressing.Ending.EVER! But at least you averted nuclear war)
Bad Ending (neither Adam nor Team B found X's secret lab, and Petrov is dead - nuclear war not averted)
-Most stages will have 2 main routes - unique and nostalgia.
Some nostalgia routes also contain alternate paths - they're quicker, but one of them is fairly intense
-Stage 6, while having a nostalgia and unique route, can also end two ways - i.e. 4 ways to finish Stage 6.
-Fully scaled for all difficulties and a decent upgrade to difficulty is offered for 2P mode
-Speaking of difficulty, this mod contains some of the toughest boss fights in modding (can you beat them on Mania?).
-Various experimental techniques used to create some interesting stage structures, including the first freecam elevator!
-Hidden items in various scenes... in fact there's a motherload hidden somewhere in one of the later scenes. This relates back to experimental techniques. Can you find them all?

Total size is over 400MB!

Insanity DLC
-A small patch to provide higher difficulty versions of Stages 1, 4 and 8, adding optional paths to the Insanity variants without changing the original stages (i.e. base game difficulty unaffected).
-Mania-Only and 2P-Only enemies will appear in all difficulties, or more of them if you're already in Mania/2P.
-Extended end-of-scene encounters.
-For bosses, it's kept simple with a duplicate of each 2P-Only Boss into all difficulties.
-Increases exclusive paths through the mod from 4 to 8.
-Contains an intense Survival Mode Style Path, with a surprise if you make it all the way through. It has been balanced to give enough lives for Mania+Timer to be a playable option.

Size: 5MB

Make sure you say yes to replace the files when applying the patch, otherwise you'll have the scenes but no way to get to them in the mod.
Ironically the files to replace weren't originally there, but I fixed that. Check for the fixed patch download if you don't have the Insanity path at the start of Stage 1.

Helpful Notes - Read if You Want
-This mod is heavily scripted. The plot's a bit wild at times, but without it you're gonna be confused. It's recommended that you don't go skipping/ignoring cutscenes. Stage 3 in particular will make even less sense than it should, if you ignore the script. Speaking of Stage 3...
-Put on your coolface for Stage 3, just in case you go the wrong way. If you're an uptight player who can't take off your srsface then you should be taking that pole out of your arse instead of playing this mod. Razz
-Stage 4 is the last time you'll see platforms. Just be careful and you'll be fine. If you start to panic while fighting at the freecam 3-platform section, call Murphy. I've put a Murphy on the floor right after that section as a refill.
-Pay attention to your surroundings and you may notice shenanigans with a couple of the diagonal scenes.
-Stage 8's boss is still the same guy - you can't miss him as usual. Kill him and the stage ends.
You don't have to beat loleveryone... which would be impossible anyway on a Timer, lol.
Spoiler Notes Connecting to Original Trilogy and Mods:

Route Map - Click to Enlarge
This is simplefied to avoid spoilers. There are also alternate versions of various stages that are triggered by taking certain routes... these are not shown on the routemap either.
Adam's Story Extended v1.3 & Insanity DLC - Updated for SoRRv5.1 Adam%20RouteMap%20Thumbnail
Endings Hint
The ending you're going to get is only decided at the end of Stage 6 and beginning of Stage 7.

Fair Use - Tracks picked because nothing else could achieve the same effects when combined with the mod's scenes. Also, non-profit fanmod, of course.
1. BGM 1401 - The Poets I
2. Gecko Yamori - Max Man II
3. SOR3 Bad Ending
4. Gecko Yamori - Keep the Groovin'
5. Groovemaster 303 - Hiphop Boogie
6. Gecko Yamori - Attack of the Barbarian
7. Groovemaster 303 - Jungle Base
8. Sanchizmo - Hurry Up!
9. Cogbob - Expander
10. "BOOM! Choppa Choppa" Sound Effect
11. Cogbob - Beat Ambience
12. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Moonlit Wilderness D.T.O. Mix
13. B-A-C - Dreamer
14. remaerD - C-A-B
15. Michiru Yamane - Tues Meus Deus (In Manibus Tuis)
16. Cogbob - Eternal Sunset
17. Gecko Yamori - Player Select (LowQ Mix)
18. Samwell - In The Butt
19. Eduard Khil - I Am Glad 'Cause I'm Finally Returning Back Home
20. Metal Gear Solid - Alert
21. Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection - Call of Inferno
22. Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
23. Will Smith - The Fresh Prince of Bel-air (Guile mix)
24. Haddaway - What is Love
25. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within - Tower Encounter
26. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within - Path of the Sandwraith
27. Jesper Kyd - SWAT Team
28. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within - At War with Kaileena
29. Akitaka Tohyama - Karma
30. BGM 1401 - Dilapidated Town
31. The Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing
32. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within - Dahaka Chase
33. Gecko Yamori - Go Straight (v4 Mix)
34. Michiru Yamane - Requiem of the Gods
35. Jesper Kyd - Hospital Theme: Main Building
36. Jesper Kyd - Hospital Theme: Your Cover Has Been Blown
37. Jesper Kyd - End Boss
38. Groovemaster 303 - Violent Breathing
39. Callista - Saki Caska
40. Gecko Yamori - The Last Soul
41. Cogbob - Retroblaster
42. Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection - Shattered Dreams
43. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Un Deux Trois
44. Airwave - Alone in the Dark
45. Cogbob - Roads of Fury
46. The Crystal Method - Get Busy Child
47. Sonic Heroes - Emerald Challenge
62. Jesper Kyd - Hitman Contracts Theme
63. "WHOOYAH crack-thump WAAAAH" SE & Yuzo Koshiro - The Poets I
64. Yuzo Koshiro - Select Character
65. Sonic CD - Zone Complete

Full Playthroughs by CajNatalie
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Adam's Story Extended v1.3 & Insanity DLC - Updated for SoRRv5.1
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