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 [Taito] Lady Master of Kung Fu/Nunchackun

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[Taito] Lady Master of Kung Fu/Nunchackun Empty
PostSubject: [Taito] Lady Master of Kung Fu/Nunchackun   [Taito] Lady Master of Kung Fu/Nunchackun Icon_minitimeTue Jun 28, 2016 11:26 pm

1-2 players(alternating)

[Taito] Lady Master of Kung Fu/Nunchackun Ladyms10

I can't find any info on this one, but according to MAME, Kaneko is also involved. I would imagine they would be in more of a publishing role if they were, as the presentation(insert coin screen and whatnot) is reminiscent of Samurai Nihon-Ichi and Kuri Kinton.

Button 1: Enter open door/exit room
Button 2: Attack
Up: Jump/Up elevator
Down: Crouch/Down elevator
Up, 2: Attack overhead
Up, Left/Right & 2: backflip kick
Down, 2: Attack below
Down(holding), Left/Right & 2: low kick

Your character is in some kind of building with elevators, and some doors wide open. Inside the open doors is usually a sub-boss, who will give up some sort of prize upon defeat. Sometimes this is a health restoration item, which looks like a can of Coca Cola. Other times you get an alphabetical letter, which upon grabbing all 3 that your character is able to hold, allows them to enter the large doors(usually on the top floor, guarded by the toughest enemies) and fight the boss of the stage. Of note is that the backflip kick becomes more of a regular jump kick indoors. Also, you only need to hold Down by itself to low kick. As far as I know those are the only changes in the move set. Also when fighting bosses/sub-bosses, your character is kind of locked onto them, so if they jump to the other side of the room, your character is still facing them. Sometimes the end stage boss is just a regular sub-boss, or becomes one in the next stage.

Nunchackun seems to be a radical overhaul of the game. In Lady Master of Kung Fu, you play as a Chinese woman in a very short Chinese dress(as you can see in the picture above, depicting a sub-boss battle). In the Nunchackun version, she looks different entirely(though she appears the same in the presentation screens between stages), including the way her face/hair is drawn, she's in pants and shirt, with a large black belt around her waste, and a gray outline around her clothes, while barefoot. The HUD is also very different, including skulls and blue hearts on the right side indicating her health, instead of a red/black bar on the left side. There are 3 white squares in a blue outline to indicate where the keys(instead of letters) go, whereas before there were 3 spaces above the health bar on the left side. The bosses and enemies are also drawn differently, your character automatically exits the room upon a sub-bosses defeat, and the buttons are opposite. I'm not sure what these changes represent, if it's the same game in a different region of the world, some sort of censored version, or what, but it's quite the difference.
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[Taito] Lady Master of Kung Fu/Nunchackun
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