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 [Taito] Samurai Nipponichi/Samurai Nihon-ichi

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PostSubject: [Taito] Samurai Nipponichi/Samurai Nihon-ichi   [Taito] Samurai Nipponichi/Samurai Nihon-ichi Icon_minitimeTue Jun 28, 2016 10:03 pm

(Arcade, 1984):
1-2 players(alternating)

[Taito] Samurai Nipponichi/Samurai Nihon-ichi Tsamur10

About the name: MAME says Nihon-Ichi, Wikipedia says Nihonichi, GameFAQs says Nipponichi. Rough translation of the title is "Samurai Japan." Nippon is Japan's actual name, like Deutschland is Germany's actual name. After the shame of their defeat in World War II, they decided to go with the weaker "h" sound until about sometime around the turn of the century, when they took the stronger "p" sound back. At least that has been my understanding of it, by being related to someone who travels, and got the explanation from Japanese(or Nippon-Jin if you want to go full Otaku about it Razz) people. That would explain why it has the "h" sound in 1984, and why a modern site like GameFAQs would put the P's back in. I'm not against it if someone with a clearer understanding of the whole thing wants to chime in.

Button 1: Attack from below
Button 2: Attack from above (shown in the picture above)
Up: Jump
Down: Crouch

Usual jumping and crouching combinations. No matter what you do, 1 will attack from below and 2 will attack from above.

The game is relentless with enemies, and to make matters worse, there are birds that fly overhead and throw knives at an angle. You can jump up to hit them, or if they fly a little lower just hit them with an above attack. Often you'll be too swamped by enemies coming from both sides to worry as much about the birds, so it's easier to just ignore them and either avoid their knives or deflect them with an attack. Eventually you come to a boss and it's basically down to whoever gets the hit in. My best advice is to be as agressive as possible.

Stage 2 introduces jumping tigers, and very low flying birds with bows(a use for the below attacks), and I don't think I have the skill/patience to make it any farther. It's got that classic arcade difficulty.

If Sega's Samurai was the first step, this is the next, in the hack 'n slash side of the beat 'em up genre. It's easily the hack 'n slash counterpart to Irem's KFM, though this one may be more relentless with enemies, and none want to hug the life out of your character, who can only take the 1 hit.
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[Taito] Samurai Nipponichi/Samurai Nihon-ichi
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