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Arcade, Commodore Amiga, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, Microsoft MSX, Atari ST, ZX Spectrum Sega Master System, and Turbo Grafx-16 (1988):
1-2 players(though apparently not with the parent rom in the latest MAME)

[Irem] Vigliante Vigila10
^Arcade version

Button 1/II: Punch/Wield nunchuks(I think they're the only weapons)
Button 2/I: Kick
Up: jump
Down: Crouch/Pick up nunchuks

Up & 1/II performs a jumping punch, Up & 2/I a jump kick, Down & 1/II a low punch, and Down & 2/I a low kick.

Normally this game is lumped in with the Spartan X/Kung Fu Master series, as it apparently was the intended follow up, but it kind of becomes it's own thing. The game play is the same for the most part, obviously with the exception of the nunchuks, and the tougher enemies can take a good number of hits. It's also more outdoors, like Spartan X's sequels, and has a little bit more of a plot than Spartan X. Bosses can grab you, but you can still shake free from them. They also seem to have a cheap health regeneration, so you really need to be on top of them, which can make fighting them pretty tricky.
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