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 [Index] Utilities and applications and non sormaker add-ons.

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[Index] Utilities and applications and non sormaker add-ons. Empty
PostSubject: [Index] Utilities and applications and non sormaker add-ons.   [Index] Utilities and applications and non sormaker add-ons. Icon_minitimeTue Jun 14, 2016 3:36 am

One Save file and 7 applications/utilities. [Last update 12th June 2016]

100% complete game save

All levels unlocked, all shop items, all challenges and survival levels complete with highest rank and AI editor unlocked.

Download link:

FPG Edit 2009

Despite what some might say, this is the best version and can do a lot more for SORRV5 than the 2005 version.

This pack has 4 language packs and is in English by default but you can change to Spanish, Russian and so on by going tools>FPG edit config>language>select new language .ini file.

This utility is needed to create SORR makrer mods.

Download link: (under 1mb)

FPG Optimizer

Sometimes the FPG files can come out at quite large file sizes that are not needed, these files sizes make the mods too big to upload/download. This can be minimized with the FPG Optimizer which will compress the files while still working for SORR it makes the files sizes a lot smaller. Great utility!

Just drag and drop the FPG files onto the FPG Optimizer.exe file (The one with the SOR graphic)

Download link: (under 1mb)


For those wanting to create new enemies and playable characters, the FPG file will corrupt and add little dots over the character in-game. So they must be re-noised to work in-game. This de-noise - re-noise will allow you to take out and put in new characters. This utility is for advanced users only.

Download link:

Palette Manager (english/español)

It's a program to manage the palettes made for the mods of this game. You won't have to do the tedious work of renaming folders anymore.


Download Link:

Cutscene Maker (v2.5.1)

This utility has its own thread here:

With this little utility you can create cutscenes easily and in a few seconds without needing to worry about the limitations of the cutscenes, having to know the portraits IDs, etc.


Download link:

SorR Launcher (english/español)

This Utility has its own thread here:

A utility to quickly launch SORR, SorMaker, Fpgedit, Cutscene Maker, Palette Manager. It works provided that all the exe files are in the same folder as the utility.


Screenshot Maker

Have you ever hated that to screen print you have to then go to paint copy the screen print to paint and then click save to keep the image before then going back to the SORRV5 game?

Well with this [Utility] - Screenshot Maker, it will automatically save the screen print in jpg, bmp or gif in a location that you choose to a screen size of your choice, this allows you to just keep clicking screen print while playing without disrupting the game play too much.

[Index] Utilities and applications and non sormaker add-ons. Sm10

The application is portable and does not require installing.
Download Link (less than 1mb):
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[Index] Utilities and applications and non sormaker add-ons.
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