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 Final Fight CFN Profiles

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PostSubject: Final Fight CFN Profiles   Final Fight CFN Profiles Icon_minitimeThu Jun 02, 2016 11:56 am

So I was going to wait a bit to post this one but I couldn't contain my excitement after seeing cody! So Capcom has been posting Bios on characters in the Street Fighter and you guessed it, the cast from final fight is included! I'll update this as it goes but it's awesome to see what the final fight crew has been up to these days! Very Happy

The Heroes:
Final Fight CFN Profiles Haggar
Name: Mike Haggar
Height: 202cm
Weight: 140kg
Blood type: O
Birthday: September 3
Origin: New York
Likes: Hamburgers, curry rice
Dislikes: Crime

Introduction: Whether as pro wrestler or mayor of Metro City, Mike has unflinchingly stood up to his enemies without fail.
Watch out for his body press!

Bio: The current mayor of Metro City, Mike tempered his physique through street fighting before turning pro wrestler for the CWA, the same association that occasionally hosts Zangief. He's also often invited to give lectures across the country.
Mike has a daughter named Jessica.
He hasn't appeared in previous Street Fighter entries, but at least that means he's never been one of the villains!

My Thoughts: Digging the Mayor look, it's a nice mix of formal and "ready to get down" attire. Not too much we didn't already know about him mentioned here, like that Zangief is mentioned here briefly also apparently Metro City is indeed part of or near New York!

Final Fight CFN Profiles Cody
Name: Cody
Height: 6' 0 (185cm)
Weight: 176lbs (80kg)
Blood type: O
Birthday: 18th of April
Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Likes: Picking fights
Dislikes: Being lectured

Introduction: This time, it's the Final Fight protagonist, who brought down the crime organization Mad Gear with nothing but his fists
(and knives, and steel pipes, and wooden swords). This man knows all about beatdowns.

Bio: Once, he was the hero who saved Metro City, but unable to adjust to a peaceful life, he was imprisoned after being involved in numerous violent events. He's very well-versed in using knives. He has a younger brother named Kyle.

My Thoughts: Those bastards took my design! Just kidding, I'm glad to see at the very least they updated his prison clothes, those stripes were dated even in alpha's timeline, eesh! Kyle EXISTS!! Yes fuck all the haters LOL, seriously I'm glad he got a mention even if they retcon everything else about streetwise I'm glad Kyle is still here but please let Vanessa Sims be a thing still!

Final Fight CFN Profiles Guy
Name: Guy
Height: 179cm
Weight: 72kg
Blood Type: O
Birthday: 12th of August
Country of Origin: Japanese
Likes: Chadzuke with salmon powder, cold tofu, sneakers
Dislikes: Latin script

Introduction: It's the sneaker-wearing ninja, the successor to the Bushinryu Clan, Guy!
He was also one of the main characters in Final Fight!

Bio: A ninja who specialises in the Bushinryu discipline, he specializes in quickness and combinations of swift strikes.
He is extremely cool-headed and composed, and he speeks like an elder. He's skilled at making baked sweet potatoes.
We also have an image of his training gear. He never misses a single day of training.
... That looks chilly.

My Thoughts: What in the living fuck is he wearing?! training gear my ass they just wanted to put him in a diaper! The first design is meh, Tshirt feels a bit weird with the Gi and his hair while the ponytail is cool I think it's stupid that his hair is covering his face like that, doesn't seem practical at all and doesn't look good on him either. Hopefully he gets redesigned a bit if he makes it into SFV.

Final Fight CFN Profiles Maki
Name: Maki Genryuusai
Height: 169cm
Weight: 52kg
Blood Type: B
Birthday: 28th of August
Country of Origin: Japan
Likes: Tapioca, fighting
Dislikes: Boring things, being treated differently because she's a woman

Introduction: I bet you're happy to see this beauty, the tonfa-wielding tomboy herself, Maki Genryusai!

She was born into a Bushinryu family. Her older sister, Rena, is Guy's fiancée.
She's been trained in Bushinryu Ninjutsu by the 38th master of the clan, Zeku.
Her specialty weapon which she uses in battle is her Tonfa. During her school years, she was the leader of a biker gang.
She really hates boring things.

My Thoughts: Eh, was hoping for something more badass, she was fucking biker gang leader, come on! Other than that the design itself is okay, a little too safe for me.

Final Fight CFN Profiles Carlos[/url]
Name: Carlos Miyamoto
Height: 189cm
Weight: 73kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: Forgot
Birthplace: Brazil
Loves: Swords, Chili beans
Dislikes: Fish

Intro: The mysterious man from Metro City.
Relevant documents and information are hard to come by though.
But it looks like he loves katanas.

Bio: A mysterious man from South America.
A former bodyguard who has mastered the art of Iai-do.
Currently he's staying in Haggar's mansion, and hopes to bring real peace to Metro City.
His special wheel throw gave him backaches, so he's no longer using it.

My Thoughts: Finally got the updated bio, interesting that he was a former bodyguard and it seems that info on him training with guy was false. Have to wonder what his replacement throw would be like though heh heh. Meh on the design, once again too safe. They could've added a few extra details at least. I guess that's a bit much to expect though given his one and only appearance.

Final Fight CFN Profiles Lucia
Name: Lucia
Height: 172cm
Weight: 52kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: 1st of April
Country of origin: U.S.A.
Likes: Cup Ramen
Dislikes: Cooking

Intro: A go-getter police detective who protects the peace of Metro City. The kicks she delivers with her long legs are fearsome.
She burns her enemies with her ultimate technique, Fire Spinner!

Bio: She works as an investigator in the special crimes unit of the Metro City PD. She fights with a combination of self-taught Kempo and self-defense. Her specialty is baton attacks. Her big weakness is that she hates housework and cooking, so for food she lives on Cup Ramen from a Vietnamese restaurant.

My Thoughts: Born on April Fools day, troll or nah? LOL No mention of the charge haggar cleared her of or any training with Chun Li or her friendship with Cody unfortunately.

I dig that she's dedicated to her work and into Ramen, seems to go hand in hand, Housework and cleaning as weakness though? Kind of stupid if you ask me, I don't think any gang members are interested in making her cook LOL. Self-defense as a fighting style seems redundant, interesting that she does kenpo however given I always thought she did Kickboxing.

Design is decent, plays it safe but looks a little updated, liking the nod at the classic white shirt, blue jeans combo. Bring her back capcom and don't forget those key details!

Final Fight CFN Profiles Dean
Name: Dean
Height: 197cm
Weight: 91kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Country of origin: U.S.A.
Likes: Beef, curry rice
Dislikes: Skull Cross Gang

Intro: A former Street Fighter, a mysterious man we only know the name of - Dean. Apparently, he can absorb energy from the air around him to release electrical shocks.

Bio: A young man who lost his family to the criminal group, the Skull Cross Gang. To destroy the Skull Cross Gang, which was a subsidiary of the Mad Gear Gang, he groups up with Haggar, Lucia and Guy to fight them. His specialty weapon is a hammer. Since it says that he likes beef and curry separately, that would naturally mean he'd love beef curry, wouldn't it?

My Thoughts: My man Dean, about time he gets some spotlight! Beef Curry is an interesting food preference. Being able to absorb energy to release electrical shocks definitely adds to his character and of course being a former street fighter makes me wonder if he'll ever return to the circuit...

Glad they mentioned his weapon preference but what piques my interest is the mention of Skull Cross being a subsidiary of Mad Gear. Is Mad Gear becoming more menacing I'm sensing? Smile

Final Fight CFN Profiles Kyle
Name: Kyle Travers
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: Unknown
Home Country: USA
Likes: Beer, Motorbike, His Girlfriend
Dislikes: Police

Bio: A young man with military experience, who spends his nights in and out of underground fighting clubs. He's currently training in a gym and lives on the money he gains by knocking out his opponents with his quick punches. A rookie with great potential, who might have yet to show his true strength. It seems he likes billiards.

My Thoughts: FUCK YEAH Kyle in the house, it's about damn time. Still waiting on the rest of the profile.

- Support Characters -
Final Fight CFN Profiles Jessica[/url]
Name: Jessica
Height: 176cm
Weight: Unknown
Blood type: A
Birthday: 31st of October
Country of origin: U.S.A.
Likes: Traveling, poker
Dislikes: Selfish men

Intro: She's the daughter of that macho mayor. At one point, she was a happy couple together with Cody, the man who saved her life, but...

Bio: As the mayor's daughter, she was involved in efforts to improve public order in the city, but her efforts turned to catastrophe when the criminal Mad Gear Gang kidnapped her. Haggar, Cody and Guy managed to rescue her safely, and after that her and Cody became girlfriend and boyfriend. However, when Cody became imprisoned because of repeated acts of violence, they became estranged, and finally broke up. It appears she is currently studying abroad in France.

My Thoughts: A gambler huh? interesting heh heh. Very straight to the point but detailed Bio, seems she'll be in France for a while. We finally get the confirmation of what caused her and Cody to drift apart. I wonder if that'll go anywhere...

Design is nothing new, a more (needed) modern approach in comparison.

Final Fight CFN Profiles Zeku
Name: Zeku
Height: 181cm
Weight: 89kg
Bloodtype: A
Birthdate: December 29
Birthplace: Japan
Likes: Potato chips
Dislikes: Stiff shoulders

Intro: Hello everyone! This guy looks like he's a practitioner of the Bushin Ryu flavor of martial arts. Rumor has it that he's the master of Guy and Maki! That's pretty amazing if true!

Bio: Zeku is the 38th master of the Bushin Ryu martial arts, and is a master of hand to hand combat. He's known as Zeku the Swift during his prime. Now he watches over Guy as he readies him to take over the Bushin Ryu. While Genryusai's Bushin Ryu focuses mainly on ninpo techniques, Zeku decided to take a variety of hand to hand combat attacks and elevated them to the point where they were used in practical situations.

My Thoughts: Rumored master of Maki and Guy? Wonder what happened to Genryusai, I guess he's just Maki's father now heh heh. Zeku is indeed a more badass design imho, I can only wonder what his moveset would be like. We really need a new final fight game...

I'll be posting more as they come. The main cast is finally complete, the rest will likely be support characters, can we get a new game Capcom?!

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PostSubject: Re: Final Fight CFN Profiles   Final Fight CFN Profiles Icon_minitimeMon Jun 13, 2016 6:15 pm

Mad Gear I
- Goons -
Final Fight CFN Profiles Bred
Name: Bred
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: February 27th
Home Country: USA
Favorite things: Cars, Everything with a Tire
Dislikes: Property Damage

Intro: Finally, we have the "leader" of this band of misfits, who's always getting his beloved car trashed in the Bonus Stages of both Final Fight and Super Street Fighter IV, Bred!

Bio: He has a good disposition with his underlings. He enjoys going to eat with various other members, particularly in Metro City's various diners. His favorite item on the menu is waffles. He's affectionately called "Paul" by his pals. He doesn't believe in fortune-telling.

My Thoughts:Leader eh? Now that's pretty crazy, I mean obviously it's a front for the bigger goons in the gang but you gotta admit that's still a tall order for a low tier goon! It looks like they didn't skip out on referencing a certain actor for this design eh? An interesting take on his jumpsuit here, subtle but fitting changes. He indeed looks like a bad ass for a simple goon

Final Fight CFN Profiles Simons
Name: Simons
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: January 5th
Home Country: USA
Likes: His Children, His Wife, Holidays
Dislikes: Useless Talking

Intro: A stoic man. A very hard worker who never neglects his daily training. You can't see it in the game, but he's actually mastered various techniques!

Bio: He has a family, a trait unusual for a Mad Gear member. When a holiday comes, he seems to go out to Metro City Bay Area Park and play with his children and wife. His wife is quite the spendthrift. One day, she purchased "Mambo," the cleaning robot, without consulting with her husband first; the two argued for some time.

My Thoughts: Looks like Simmons got a bit of a tan! Styling shades and the high top fade is looking clean. This guy is clearly a family man, a skilled fighter and doesn't skip out on working hard to provide. I gotta wonder what made him turn to Mad Gear, seems like he has better things he should be doing with his time! Mad Gear gains a little more character with these bios, Belger must've been one hell of a politician to his followers...

Final Fight CFN Profiles Jake
Name: Jake
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: November 11th
Home Country: USA
Likes: Beer, Poker, Darts, Puzzles
Dislikes: Troublesome Details

Intro: A wild bearded character. It seems he has some experience in martial arts, as his splendid jumping kick demonstrates. Also, it looks like he's quite obsessed with boots.

Bio: He had martial arts experience, and worked as a bouncer in a bar. Mad Gear paid his physical strength well, so he became a member. After Mad Gear's collapse, he returned to his home town, but there are reports that someone has seen him again in Metro City.

My Thoughts : Now this is an interesting redesign, Jake definitely comes off as someone who can tussle with the heroes, especially with emphasis on his jump kicks. It's become very clear that Mad Gear was a lot more sinister than one would think. Love the new "rough" look he has, very intimidating in comparison to the original. PLEASE do something with this capcom!

Final Fight CFN Profiles Dug
Name: Dug
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Blood type: 0
Birthday: March 22nd
Home Country: USA
Likes: Beer, Sexy Women
Dislikes: Lecturing, Early Rising

Intro: He gets along very well with Simons, although his character is the exact opposite. For instance, he likes beer. He takes nothing seriously, and lives a depraved life.

Bio: A man who likes women, likes beers, and likes gambling. Always throws at the women whom he sees epithets so vulgar, we really cannot write an example here. He had a fancy hairstyle when he was young, and for this reason he currently worries about his hair. You shouldn't really worry about that, pops, you know!

My Thoughts: A simple man how loves simple things it seems, really cool that the members interact with each other. LOOOVE the design however, good use of his color scheme by making his occupation clearly some sort of construction work. The overalls work very well as an update of his orignal design, makes me wonder what Bred will look like. On some real shit though, doesn't he look like construction worker Donovan?! I can already see him on the bulldozer LOL. good work capcom, where's Bred though?!

Final Fight CFN Profiles Twop
Name: Two-P
Height: 183cm
Weight: 82kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: He forgot
Country of origin: U.S.A.
Likes: Green salad, dark places
Dislikes: Steel pipes, lizards, earthworms

Intro: When you think of an orange mohawk, this is the guy you think of. The green-colored dragon motif on the back of his shirt is really sweet. His name is Two-P or Two P, either is fine.

Bio: He was found half-naked by the side of the road by Mad Gear gang members, who saved him. He seems to be suffering from memory loss, so his birthday is unknown. He's apparently very skilled with heavy weapons. He's got a good sense of humor, and tends to mix jokes into all conversations. His most used phrase is "Ohh, I can relate to that, man!"

My Thoughts: I'm glad they made reference to his FFSW personality. It's a bit odd that he's skilled with heavy weapons given I never seen him use anything but a pistol, assuming this is a reference to the 2p character from that classic capcom game. The design needed no redesign, looks good, like the little updated details like his chuck taylors
Final Fight CFN Profiles J
Name: J
Height: 181cm
Weight: 78kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: 9th of January
Country of origin: England
Likes: Health foods, punk
Dislikes: Meat

Intro: Here he is! A guy similar in aura to the soldiers over at Shadaloo. His name is just a single letter - talk about cool.

Bio: He has a very introverted personality. But, when it comes to fighting, he uses his quick steps and razor-like jabs to bring pain to his opponent. His flurry of punches is very hard to avoid. Since the dissolution of the Mad Gear gang, he's apparently hanging out with Abigail and Axel. Contrary to his looks, he's quite a health nut, and never drinks anything but decaf.

My Thoughts: An Englishman, Soldier like personality, street boxer and a health nut? Sounds like another bad ass but why bother with Mad Gear?! I wasn't expecting to see this guy get such cool attributes in his redesign. Digging the Jumpsuit, googles and of course awesome hair. Just goes to show less can definitely be more. A redesign worth noting!

Final Fight CFN Profiles Poison
Name: Poison
Height: 175cm
Weight: 52kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: 7th of December
Country of origin: U.S.A.
Likes: Fried potatoes
Dislikes: Police

Introduction: She's the previously-shown Hugo's partner (in the ring).
The voluptuous fighter, Poison.
Apparently, she used to be Mad Gear as well!

Bio: After the destruction of Mad Gear, she decided to turn to pro wrestling as a promoter to make a name for herself.
She looks beautiful, but her big sister vibe and her somewhat mannish personality have left her true nature shrouded in mystery.
She travels the world together with her companion Hugo, searching for an even bigger stage to become more famous on.

My Thoughts: Capcom still playing it safe with Poison's true gender but having fun with it at the same time, Kudos! The new design looks pretty dumb to me, Wtf is up with all those wraps, is she a mummy now? LOL, aside from that the rest of it looks like what poison would wear, which is barely anything apparently. Still want to see that CFAS look come back, maybe even the scrapped SW designs, those were good designs!

Final Fight CFN Profiles Roxy
Name: Roxy

Bio: Coming Soon

Final Fight CFN Profiles Elgado
Name: El Gado

Bio: Coming Soon

Final Fight CFN Profiles Hollywood
Name: Hollywood
Bio: Coming Soon

Final Fight CFN Profiles Billbull
Name: Bill Bull
Bio: Coming Soon

Final Fight CFN Profiles Oriber
Name: Garahm Oriber
Bio: Coming Soon

Final Fight CFN Profiles Wongwho
Name: Wong Who
Bio: Coming Soon

Final Fight CFN Profiles Axl
Name: Axl
Bio: Coming Soon

Final Fight CFN Profiles Slash
Name: Slash
Bio: Coming Soon

Final Fight CFN Profiles Hugo
Name: Hugo
Height: 7'10 (240cm)
Weight: 440lbs (200kg)
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: 19th of May
Country of origin: Germany
Likes: Poison, potatoes
Dislikes: People who make fun of him

Bio: A giant wrestler who usually operates together with his former Mad Gear teammate, Poison. He performed repeat criminal acts during his time as a Mad Gear member. Now, he travels to many different countries of the world and participates in lots of various competitions.

My Thoughts: You have it here folks, Hugo was indeed part of Mad Gear! Which of the Andore family was he or was even part of that bloodline?! Design is another Sleeper hit, stays true to the original but adds some cool little details, the one sleeve is obviously a nod to his "Andre the Giant" roots, the chain around his neck and large championship type belt makes him a little more savage. I dig it!

- Bosses -
Final Fight CFN Profiles Damnd
Name: Damn D
Height: 218cm
Weight: 201kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: 10th of September
Country of origin: U.S.A.
Likes: Strawberry Sundaes, money
Dislikes: Hardships

Introduction: From the spirited Mad Gear Gang, it's Damnd. Yes, that hateful guy who calls in his allies by whistling. His revolving kick might've been plain-looking, but it sure hurt.

Bio: He's the very culprit who kidnapped Jessica, the daughter of Metro City's mayor, Mike Haggar. He's very concerned about winning, no matter what kind of dirty tricks he has to use. He also has corrupt men on the inside of both the local police and the F.B.I. He really loves money.

My Thoughts: THIS is how you redesign a classic, Damn D looks AMAZING! Take note that his color scheme resembles that of Mighty Final Fight, the extra details are modern yet retro enough to keep his classic look intact and that knife, What's he about to do with that thing?! If this guy becomes dlc you better believe a ps4 will be sitting in my living room pretty soon! Not much to go on in his bio except some extra details however I like that it mentions that he has corrupt men in the police and the F.B.I... THE F.B.I!! that's some pull for a first level boss, please make this guy playable capcom, we need some more FF1 classics in the fold!

Final Fight CFN Profiles Sodom
Name: Sodom
Height: 208cm
Weight: 108kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: Unknown
Origin: USA
Likes: Sushi, ukiyo-e
Dislikes: Guy

Introduction: Japanophile Sodom, who we haven't seen for some time!

Bio: A former leader of the Mad Gear gang, he dreams of rebuilding his empire, and is surprisingly honorable considering his past.
Sodom is obsessed with Japanese culture, and is able to nimbly wield a number of weapons such as jitte and katana.
He also enjoys driving around in his tastefully decorated large truck!

My Thoughts: Badass, just FUCKING BADASS! Not too much different from his usual but enough smaller details to make it count and the headdress reminds me of Retu from Final Fight 2 which is a nice bonus, gotta love the mask as well. The fact that he uses a number of weapons as great as well, if there's another final fight I hope this is explored, otherwise let's see it happen in SFV!

Final Fight CFN Profiles Edie
Name: Edi E
Height: 204cm
Weight: 145kg
Blood type: O
Birthday: 21st of July
Country of origin: U.S.A.
Likes: Bloody steaks
Dislikes: Cody

Introduction: Much like the picture suggests, he's a corrupt cop. He's officially in charge of keeping the order in Metro City during nighttime, but he always just lets people do what they want!

Bio: He's the typical bad guy, helping the strong and oppressing the weak. However, he knows how to work the world to his advantage, so he's able to do much for his own gain. Anyone who opposes him is ruthlessly beaten with his baton. He always eats a type of gum that helps him recover his strength. It's a special type of gum that tastes like 42910 points.

My Thoughts: There's not much to do with Edi.E he's the fat cop you love to hate and this plays to that. Glad he got a little more detail as far as his behavior goes.

Final Fight CFN Profiles Rolento
Name: Rolento
Height: 180cm
Weight: 81kg
Blood type: O
Birthday: 15th of November
Country of origin: U.S.A.
Likes: Rules, control
Dislikes: Weakness, laziness

Introduction: A soldier who uses knives, wires and rods! He used to be a member of the Mad Gear gang. He roll-roll-rolls as well!

Bio: He fights with gunfire in order to create a utopia. He holds the completely unreasonable ideal of every citizen being a soldier. Even if people call him unfair or mean, he won't do anything to compromise his ultimate vision! He's definitely not the type of person you want as your boss...

My Thoughts: Another play it safe design. Rolento is still a cool character regardless, this profile seems a bit uninspired however as there isn't anything interesting or new given here. I'm just glad the Final Fight cast is getting some play for once. Maybe this means he'll appear in SFV?

Final Fight CFN Profiles Abigail
Name: Abigail
Height: 244cm
Weight: 265kg
Blood type: AB
Birthday: 16th of October
Country of origin: Canada
Likes: Bananas
Dislikes: Rust

Introduction: The giant of the Mad Gear gang, wearing a leopard-print tanktop. It sure was scary when you met him at the Statue of Liberty... He's apparently really good at quizzes.

Bio: He kept telling people that he was from Holland, but it says Canada in his passport. That's how clueless he is. He's the strongest member of the Mad Gear gang. He doesn't have any particular fighting style, but he will charge at you with great force if you make him mad. He's apparently still growing, height-wise.

My Thoughts: Abigail sounds like a big moron LOL, unfortunately takes away from his previously intimidating demeanor but so does that leopard print smh. The redesign is something fresh at least, better than being a simple recolor headswap of hugo

Final Fight CFN Profiles Belger
Name: Belger
Height: 193cm
Weight: 105kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: 9th of April
Country of origin: U.S.A.
Likes: Having influence, diamonds
Dislikes: Haggar, Zombies

Introduction: The person who took control of Metro City! Yes, that very man who fired a crossbow at you from his wheelchair! The boss of the Mad Gear gang!

Bio: As a symbol of all of his power, he remodeled his wheelchair into a super high-powered electrical chair, and kept a crossbow with him. His legs are actually fine, and when he from time to time does get out of the chair, he'll move around at amazing speeds. He took control of Metro City through violence and fear, by using his vast fortunes.

My Thoughts: Is this dude dead or what? LOL his redesign is fairly interesting love the new chair and his presence as the leader of Mad Gear shows in the bio. The dislike of Zombies is a funny jab at FFR, I see you Capcom LOL.

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PostSubject: Re: Final Fight CFN Profiles   Final Fight CFN Profiles Icon_minitimeTue Nov 22, 2016 12:10 am

Mad Gear II
- Goons -
Final Fight CFN Profiles Mark
Name: Mark
Height: 166cm
Weight: 58kg
Blood Type: A
Birthday: February 20th
Country of Origin: USA
Likes: Himself, Handsome Men [This, and Mark’s new design, reference One Punch-Man‘s Puri-puri Prisoner, constantly flirting with handsome men.]
Dislikes: Slimy Things [Likely a reference to Puri-puri Prisoner’s defeat by Deep Sea King.]

Introduction: He loves beautiful things, and also himself. He’s a man like Lord Vega. Because he uses strong perfumes everyone spots him, even when he tries to hide

Bio: Due to the influence of a movie he saw in his childhood he dreams to become an actor. His excessive self-esteem led to him taking countless auditions, but he was always rejected due to his personality. Because he faced financial hardships, he got his hands dirty with crime. While he now belongs to a criminal gang, he didn’t give up on his acting career dream, and still cares for his appearance. His reactions are over the top, and his voice is loud.

Final Fight CFN Profiles Mic
Name: Mic
Height: 178cm
Weight: 79kg
Blood Type: A
Birthday: March 3rd
Country of Origin: France
Likes: Muscle Training
Dislikes: Roof Leaks

Introduction: A lovely skinhead. He shaves himself in his bathroom. A man with a unique aesthetic sense

Bio: He’s pretty stoic. He has a little too much confidence in himself, so he often looks down upon other people. His latest craze is training while hearing French hip-hop. The apartment house where he lives has horrendous roof leaks, though

Final Fight CFN Profiles Bull
Name: Bull
Height: 180cm
Weight: 80kg
Blood Type: B
Birthday: May 22nd
Country of Origin: Canada
Likes: Animals as a whole
Dislikes: Lumbago (Lower-back pain)

Introduction: A man who came to Metro City to become rich. He possesses a chiseled physique and a grim, cheeky, hairstyle, but he’s actually a big softie, with a kind heart. He has a wife and daughter.

Bio: Perhaps because he grew up in nature, he loves animals and plants. He already adopted a lost white dog once. [Maybe the white dog who barked at you in the original FF Bay Area?]
It seems he’s thinking about a change of occupation, since he hurt his back during his previous job.” [Well, it seems he crossed his path with Haggar…] “Wait, wasn’t there somebody named Bill already…? …Oh, right, Bill Bull."

Final Fight CFN Profiles Elijah
Name: Elijah
Height: 179cm
Weight: 82kg
Blood Type: B
Birthday: October 20th
Country of Origin: USA
Likes: His Mom, His Bass
Dislikes: Raw Fish

Introduction: A man who serves as a smuggler for a criminal organization. Reports indicate that he’s tied to numerous organizations. It seems he’s able to be trusted, because he’s not only tight-lipped, but he also has a human side.

Bio: “His silky hair was his trademark, but his favorite hair conditioner went off production, and he’s worrying because his hair is becoming a little dry. Triggered by a superhero movie he’s recently seen, he began dressing smartly and wearing a goatee and a moustache. He lives in the downtown area with his mother. The two constantly quarrel, but that’s proof they’re close.”

Final Fight CFN Profiles Jack
Name: Jack
Height: 184cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood Type: 0
Birthday: August 5th
Country of Origin: USA
Likes: Collecting Old Clothes
Dislikes: Mornings (hates getting up)

Introduction: A man who’s unusually fashion-conscious. He pays attention to caps above all else. He played baseball during his schooldays.

Bio: He’s a spendthrift, and any money he earns immediately goes to some clothes or accessories. His room is so full of clothes that there’s no place to stand in. He wants to open his own fashion shop someday in the future by himself. Recently, he started worrying about his hair loss.

Final Fight CFN Profiles Schot
Name: Schot
Height: 182cm
Weight: 79kg
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: August 10th
Country of Origin: UK
Likes: Early Punk
Dislikes: Difficult Things

Introduction: A man with a fired-up hairstyle. It’s incredibly mook-like!! One of those who go ‘yahoo!’ you know. [An evident reference to Fist of the North Star‘s standard mooks, perpetually grinning and screaming excitedly, and often sporting the same punk hairstyle.] …Oh, is he angry?

Bio: When he was young in his home country, he played in a punk band. The members went along well, and the band’s name was ‘Big B & Bullheads.’ Nowadays he has a job at a record shop specialized in punk. Also earns some pocket money working as an underling for a certain organization. He often causes trouble because of his attitude being prone to brawls.

Final Fight CFN Profiles Eliza[/url]
Name: Eliza
Height: 160cm
Weight: 48kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: August 5th [Suspiciously identical to Maggio…] Country of Origin: USA
Dislikes: Dirty people

Introduction: She can kill her enemies with her agility and her proficiency with the knife! It seems her knife attack pattern is so irregular that it’s extremely hard to dodge.

Bio: She’s fickle and prone to pursue every new fad. She had some experience in a band, when she wanted to become a vocalist, but soon she got tired and quit. It seems she has a twin brother named Robert. She’s currently searching for a lover!

Final Fight CFN Profiles Mary
Name: Mary
Height: 161cm
Weight: 46kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: November 7th
Country of Origin: USA
Likes: Jogging
Dislikes: Cockroaches

Introduction: Another sexy knife nut. She pays much attention and care to her health, in order to maintain her good looks and beautiful appearance

Bio: She gets along very well with her brother Leon, [Her male replacement in USA, obviously] and likes to jog along Metro City’s Bay Side area. While running, she also trains her leg strength, so her kicks become more powerful as well. She likes cleanliness, and always keeps her room tidy. When she was a little girl, she wanted to become a florist

Final Fight CFN Profiles Elias
Name: Elias
Height: 195cm
Weight: 85kg
Blood Type: Not Checked
Birthday: April 4th
Country of Origin: USA
Likes: Karaoke
Dislikes: Fat Meat

Introduction: A man who moves quickly and attacks with his metal rod. He’s obsessed with jinxes and lucky items. His peers are always uncomfortable when he’s around because he does fortune-telling and is always right.

Bio: He has a characteristic laugh, that once heard will never leave your ears. His specialty is astrology. He’s an avid reader with extensive knowledge. He also loves housework. He’s quite taciturn… He could be an unexpected indoorsman, after all.

Final Fight CFN Profiles Eliot
Name: Eliot
Height: 188cm
Weight: 80kg
Blood Type: A
Birthday: August 1st
Country of Origin: UK
Likes: Alcohol
Dislikes: Pickles

Introduction: He deals with weapons and illegal things. Because he’s so silent and serious, his companions always welcome and trust him… Just why doesn’t he work honestly then?

Bio: He’s in charge of the key of a secret port warehouse. He always walks to the warehouse, carrying the key. Every time there’s business inside, he becomes the gatekeeper, and intimidates anyone who gets to close. He’s a maudlin drinker, and whenever he becomes drunk, he cries and tells something about his past. Because he has a very good memory, when he’s very drunk his tales go on forever.

Final Fight CFN Profiles Joe
Name: Joe
Height: 185cm
Weight: 77kg
Blood Type: B
Birthday: August 1st
Country of Origin: USA
Likes: Red Things
Dislikes: Moisture

Introduction: A dangerous thug who throws Molotov cocktails. He has an extremely short temper, so his companions always fear him.

Bio: He loves red things, and eats tomato spaghetti every day. He was raised in a strict family, all study and discipline. He’s always quiet in front of people, but he committed several arsons, to release the stress he accumulated, and was arrested.

Final Fight CFN Profiles Eric
Name: Elick
Height: 160cm
Weight: 109kg
Blood Type: A
Birthday: December 12th
Country of Origin: USA
Likes: Electrical engineering
Dislikes: Dogs

Introduction: A man who attacks with his hand-made power generator. Unbeknownst to his friends, he frequents an aerobics gym.

Bio: He admired his father, who worked at a Metro City power plant, so he studied electrical engineering all by himself. He’s loved pranks since his childhood. Nowadays it looks like he’s hanging out with his hometown friends, and has a hand in some crime…

Final Fight CFN Profiles AtlasName: Atlas
Height: 201cm
Weight: 120kg
Blood Type: 0
Birthday: June 22nd
Country of Origin: USA
Likes: Hot Women, Alcohol
Dislikes: Work

Introduction: His trained body is his weapon. The whole town fears him for his violent attitude. He drinks right from the morning, and is a troublesome fellow, who immediately comes to hug you. [In FF2, Atlas did a very annoying Bear Hug.]

Bio: He played American Football at a university, and was a promising player. He also had interest in combat sports, and began to train in wrestling and sambo. Unfortunately, due to getting involved in a car accident, his professional sports career came to a halt. Nowadays, he indulges and drowns in alcohol and violence.

Final Fight CFN Profiles Jony
Name: Jony
Height: 204 cm
Weight: 128 kg
Blood type: unknown
Birthday: April 19
Country of Origin: USA
Likes: Tomato juice
Dislikes: Dark places

Introduction: A big guy who’s quick to take offense and lose his cool. Wow, scary! Haste makes waste!

Bio: He gets along well with the town brute Atlas. He even wears the same accessories. He has a powerful palm strike [張り手 harite, the same basic sumō palm strike that Honda does as well, as his LP or MP.] and a characteristically threatening voice that he loudly uses to intimidate his opponents.

- Bosses -
Final Fight CFN Profiles Wonwon
Name: Won Won
Height: 225 cm
Weight: 205 kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: February 12
Country of origin: Hong Kong
Likes: general drinking brown tea
Dislike: Low freshness(?)

Bio: Coming Soon

Final Fight CFN Profiles Freddie
Name: Freddie
Height: 195cm
Weight: 185kg
Blood type: O
Birthday: 3rd of January
Country of origin: U.S.A.
Likes: The smell of battle, meat
Dislikes: Boring work

Intro: As his his appearance suggests, he will come at you with wild attacks. His hip attack is particularly scary! He really has a strong sense of justice... Apparently.

Bio: He's a former member of the Marine Corps who was active mainly in France. When he was a marine, he rebelled against a corrupt commanding officer who was trying to turn the army into his own personal force. During an operation, he murdered his commander with a gun, while making it look like an accident. He was later discharged for fights and brawling.

After that, he enlisted with several different seperated armies and participated in different wars around the world. Nowadays, he's connected to a certain gang, I've heard...

Final Fight CFN Profiles Bratken
Name: Bracken
Height: 205cm
Weight: 197kg
Blood type: AB
Birthday: 12th of October
Country of origin: Holland
Likes: Mommy, toys
Dislikes: People who interrupt his playtime

Intro: His torn sleeves are wild. As his appearance suggests, he will come at you with frightful attacks. He really has a kind heart... Apparently.

Bio: He's a hooligan who goes wild, with his simple mind, and overwhelming power. He lives in a room full of toys in an old castle in Holland. He sends invaders home with his Bracken Punch and Bracken Kick. His teddy bear is his very best friend.

Final Fight CFN Profiles Phillipe
Name: Philippe
Height: 182cm
Weight: 67kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: 1st of November
Country of origin: England
Likes: Making money, acrobatics
Dislikes: Doing things for strangers

Intro: On his white face, a red nose. He's a popular performer at the circus he leads. However, his true identity is...

Bio: The leader of a world-traveling circus. He's an entertainer, who shows his customers a good time with juggling and taming of wild beasts. However, his real work is to lead a criminal organization who smuggle weapons, drugs and other illegal things across borders. He rarely participates in battles himself, but when he does, his rod and whip are fearsome weapons in his hands.

Final Fight CFN Profiles Retu
Name: Retu
Height: 225 cm
Weight: 205 kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: May 10
Country of origin: Japan
Likes: power
Dislike: Wuhin flow

Bio: Coming Soon

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