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 [SEGA] Save Yuria! Golden Axe MegaThread

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PostSubject: [SEGA] Save Yuria! Golden Axe MegaThread   [SEGA] Save Yuria! Golden Axe MegaThread Icon_minitimeSun Jan 25, 2015 3:37 pm

A series I've been slacking on with coverage I have to admit. The Golden Axe series began in 1989 spawning 2 Arcade games, 3 Genesis games and a prequel released on last gen consoles in it's main storyline. The series also has a few spin offs including a fighting game and two zelda like games.

[SEGA] Save Yuria! Golden Axe MegaThread Golden_Axe_Coverart
Golden Axe (released 1989-1990)
The first entry in the series has various ports, most notably the Genesis port adds a new end level, Duel mode, a new ending and 2 new bosses Death Adder Jr who appears in level 3 as a premature end game boss and Death Bringer a boss who appears in the extra level after fighting Death Adder, both being simple palette swaps. The 1-player only Sega CD port offers a new remastered soundtrack and new voice overs while the PCE port offers a new soundtrack as well as cutscenes. The sms port tells the story from ax Battler's view and gave him the name Tarik, this name would later be used in the series latest entry, Golden Axe Beast Rider. There was also a remake released on PS2 as an entry into the Sega Ages series. 2 Sequels were made after, one in the arcade and one as a sequel to the genesis port. It's questionable if the genesis and arcade series are in the same canon.

[SEGA] Save Yuria! Golden Axe MegaThread 220px-Golden_Axe_II_Coverart
Golden Axe II (released 12/26/91us, 12/27/91jp, 1992eu)
The Genesis sequel, Golden Axe II was released in 1991 and takes place not longer after it's predcessor, featuring the trio again as they retrieve the Golden Axe from Dark Guld and his new clan. The game offers a decent soundtrack, new enemies and beasts, more colorful graphics, new designs for the characters and a different magic system which allows you to charge your magic move.

[SEGA] Save Yuria! Golden Axe MegaThread The_Revenge_of_Death_Adder_%28leaflet%29
Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder (released 1992)
The Arcade sequel, Revenge of Death Adder was released a year later, the time it takes place is questionable but no doubt it would theoretically take place after the 2nd maybe even the 3rd game. In this game Tyris Flare and Tarik (Ax Battler) have long passed and a new group of heroes arise, Dora a centauride wielding a staff, Trix a healer type wielding a pitchfork, Stern Blade a new barbian type and Goah an axe wielder whom of which Gillius is seen riding the back of. Unlike the genesis sequel RoDA brought vast improvements, alternate routes, 4 player support, beautiful 32-bit graphics and variation in magic attacks.

[SEGA] Save Yuria! Golden Axe MegaThread 250px-Golden_Axe_III_Coverart
Golden Axe III (released 06/25/1993jp, 1995us)
A final Entry in the genesis series was brought about in 1993 Golden Axe III came to the Mega Drive in Japan seeing no EU release and an exclusive sega channel release in the US. This game takes place long after Golden Axe II but possibly before Revenge of Death Adder (due to RoDA's questionable ending it could've taken place after.) Gillius no longer able to go to battle calls upon 4 new warriors, Kain Grinder the standard Barbarian type, Sarah Barn often mistaken for Tyris Flare is actually a dance blade type character, Braoude Cragger a Giant grappler type and Chronos "evil" Lait a panther beastman melee type. Much like RoDA this game featured alternative paths, it also brough in new gameplay elements such as guard and extra command moves. The game didn't sport too well in the graphics department and the music isn't as memorable but it is still a very decent title worth playing.

[SEGA] Save Yuria! Golden Axe MegaThread Golden_Axe_Beast_Rider
Golden Axe: Beast Rider (released 2008)
The last Golden Axe to surface, Golden Axe Beast Rider actually takes place before the first game. In this game you play as Tyris Flare as we learn more about her backstory, although it's likely this game may not be part of the canon. The game offers various different beasts, a parry/counter defensive system and many bonuses such as new weapons and costumes. Duel mode as return in the guise of "trials" and a ranking system has been added. This game is mediocore at best and doesn't live up to the series fame, it's skippable.

That wraps up the main series, I will cover the spinoffs maybe later today, cheers!
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[SEGA] Save Yuria! Golden Axe MegaThread
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