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 Streets of Rage 2: Revenge of Mr.X by Mr.Din & Blaze F

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PostStreets of Rage 2: Revenge of Mr.X by Mr.Din & Blaze F

Carried over from the Streets of Rage Online forum archive. An old WiP novel by myself and a member known as Blaze F that never finished


The streets were once again silent. Only the noises of distant police sirens interrupted the calm whistling sound of the wind. From where Donovan laid, he could feel a cold breeze traveling across his face. After a long stretch, a relived smile came over him, the freshness of the cool air definitely felt good!
Waking up on the roof of the same departmental store building every morning did have its perks- the spot he had chosen was quiet enough to get a good nights rest and the lack of light made him oblivious to any passer by 40 feet below. There was also no surveillance or police presence in this particular area which made his criminal activities easier to carry out. Nothing however, could top the stunning view of Wood Oak city visible only to him. The better part of the city could be recognized about a mile away from its bright lights and tall skyscrapers that towered over the coastal harbour. It was almost a completely different world to what Donovan was use to, somewhere he yearned to belong. Somewhere more worthwhile than this shit hole!
At this point, dawn was slowly approaching and soon the bustling routine of the morning would begin and the silence would break.

All of a sudden, Donovan leaped up as a voice echoed, “are you sure this is the right place? I think Mike is fucking with us, he wanted all the shit to himself anyway”. Another voice appeared, “wait til I get my hands on him at school today. He’s fucked with the wrong people for the last time”.
Donovan clutched at his machete as footsteps and what appeared to be wheeling noises gathered closer. When they emerged from the darkness, three young boys, two black one white maybe between 15 and 17 years old stood in front of him. They each wore a hood and baggy jeans with a scarf concealing their faces. The way they dressed made them seem intimidating to any local but there was an element of innocence and inexperience in their young eyes.
The tallest of the three started, “so you’re the guy with the shit we want?” After a short breath, Donovan replied “indeed”. “Give it here then!” demanded the white boy.
“Not until I see what you got…. if you want it you need to cough up at least 500 bucks”. This angered the teenager, “are you fucking serious!!? How about I show you my 9mm then we can discuss your price?” As he reached for his pocket to pull out the weapon, the last boy halted him with a serious look. The type giving off the message ‘don’t you dare or I’ll deal with you after’. This boy seemed somewhat more patient than the others and was definitely different. For starters, he was traveling around with roller skates on his feet rather than sneakers like the others and was not afraid to remove his scarf, revealing his youthful identity. This shocked Donovan especially when the boy moved closer without any weapon, making his face more and more visible, ‘this kid certainly has balls’ he thought. For a moment, the two of them stared at each others faces then the boy took his schoolbag off his shoulder and threw it next to Donovan. “Here’s your money” he said, “Now give me what I came for”. “No chance!” replied Donovan with a cocky smile, grabbing the rucksack and making a run for the other side of the roof. Before he could reach the emergency door that led downstairs, he felt the most painful crash that sent shock waves through his head, making him fall over. Blood was pouring down Donovan’s face as he laid on his front on top of the damp ground. The boy now grew impatient, his cheeks starting to flare red with anger. “Don’t think you can fuck me over just ‘cos I’m a kid”. He then repeatedly kicked Donovan in the gut. After what seemed forever, the boy stopped. He knelt down and softly said “I believe this belongs to me”, taking a small plastic bag full of powder cocaine from Donovan’s pocket. All Donovan could do now was cough out the blood and wince in agony. He looked at the boy’s face one last time who remarked with a smile “goodnight” before he experienced the full force of his roller skate impacting his skull, fracturing and cutting it in the process.

Five hours later Donovan managed to open his eyes, feeling a rush of cold water over his body. Standing above him was a tall dark figure with his arms crossed who had a distasteful expression on his face. Next to him was a man all too familiar holding an empty bucket, Donovan’s partner in crime Garcia. He was a similar type of street thug, whose clothes were always ripped and was in desperate need for a shower judging by the way he reeked from all the trash cans that he had salvaged for money and food. He’d also never walk the streets without at least five knives under his belt. This obsession stemmed from Garcia’s own experiences where enemies had managed to use his own knife on him so spares were always needed! He certainly had the scars on his face to prove it.
The taller man was Barbon, quite a well known syndicate boss higher up in the rankings who had a reputation not just for causing trouble with the police but also being unpopular with some of the other bosses.
He started to shake his head looking pissed off at Donovan. “You pathetic piece of shit!” he hissed. “If we blow our cover were screwed and there goes our plans with the syndicate. All it takes is an idiot like you to get in the way if anyone were to discover who we’re really working for!”
Still in agony Donovan quietly with fear in his voice replied “Sir…. I um….” before he could finish, Barbon shouted “WHAT NOW?!” “I um… don’t have the stuff anymore. The thug that jumped me stole it and ran off…he didn’t appear as a cop but he was a powerful man who knew what he was doing, could have been someone under cover”. He hesitated at that last sentence and started to speed up his words, fearing what Barbon would say next. Barbon’s main role in the syndicate was to traffic the drugs sent, mainly cocaine. He had been doing this for nine years now and had lost count of how much money he had raised for the syndicate to enable the organization to slowly but steadily develop their power. He was responsible for finding and assigning jobs to punks like Donovan and Galsia in this part of the city and had to make sure that they kept quiet. “You realize my ass is on the line here too. If you don’t shift the goods properly and we lose money again, you won’t be so lucky next time”. “It won’t happen again sir”, Donovan answered. “Good because if it does, I’ll kill you myself. Understand?” “Yes Sir!”
Barbon summoned him to get up and led both men to the bar that he owned down the road where the usual day’s work of dealing and guarding the place awaited them. On the way there, Donovan could not help but think ‘who was this boy that confronted me?’ he needed to find him. Even though he had never met him previously, there was something so familiar about this kid’s face. He just could not quite put his finger on it.

Chapter 1

Four hours had passed since Adam finished his shift at the police station. To him, it was the best job in the world, one which he thoroughly enjoyed the challenges of and the people that he worked with. More importantly, he always remembered why he decided to become a police officer and the good that he could do in order to protect the city. Adam was content with his career but still had the ambition for being higher up the ranks. The only thing he felt bad about was the amount of time he dedicated to his job. This meant spending long periods away from his kid brother Sammy, who needed him now more than ever. Three years ago, Sammy had been forced to move out of their mother’s home due to her battling depression and numerous suicide attempts. They had never known their father so the closest male figure for him to look up to was his big brother. As each day passed by, Adam felt more and more guilty for not being there and as time progressed, the situation worsened.
Sammy had become real trouble in the making. Numerous complaints from school had been sent home. These started off as lessons being skipped here and there which quickly turned into serious fights with other kids who had badly been beaten up by him. To top it all, Adam had recently bailed his brother out when he was nearly killed by a hooligan whilst participating in underground street fights. To this day, this incident still made Adam fear for Sammy’s safety.

Adam had fallen asleep in front of the TV on his leather sofa, still gripping the remote control in one hand. He started to slowly open his eyes, becoming familiar with his surroundings, realizing why he had been sat there just before he dozed off and adjusting to the annoying pain of a stiff neck. He was easily woken up by the creek of the front door opening and footsteps slowly pacing up the stairs in the hallway. These steps went no further as Adam shouted, “Where the hell have you been?” He leaped out of his seat and walked towards the hallway. “I’ve been worried sick, it’s nearly 11!!!” Sammy glanced down from halfway up the stairs, an unconcerned look across his face. “Chill bro, why you gotta be so serious all the time huh?” Adam replied “don’t you know how to use a pay phone? You don’t even give a shit to call especially when you hang out with those idiots, you can do so much better”. His temperature started to rise in frustration at Sammy’s behaviour, in disbelief at how laid back he was acting about the matter. Sammy cracked a laugh saying “I can take care of myself you know, fuck yeah, I can even take care of you”. His words were slightly slurred whilst he chuckled with laughter at the end of his reply. Adam now knew exactly where he had been and what he had been up to with his so called friends. Without a second thought, he charged at Sammy up the stairs, pinning him against the wall with his hands behind his back, the same way Adam had done so when arresting criminals on the job. “Where the fuck is it?” Adam barked in Sammy’s ear. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, let me go!” “You heard me!” Adam replied still locking his brothers’ hands tightly behind his back as he struggled to brake free. He could smell that Sammy had been blazing. “I’m clean man, I’m clean…!” said Sammy. Before he had the chance to finish, Adam searched his pockets and found the bag that had been taken from Donovan. A look of horror came over Adam’s face as he took the bag and started to let go of his grip. In doing so, Sammy tried to grab it back without saying anything but Adam would not let the stuff go and was too powerful. A tear started to surface in Adam’s eye as he shook is head in sadness at his little brother, he felt so disappointed, so angry that Sammy could do this to himself; this now went beyond him being just a rebellious teenager. “Go to your room”, Adam said in a quieter tone not knowing what to do next or how to react. He was in shock and fear of what could happen to the only member of his family that he was really close to. “Adam…”, Sammy didn’t know what else to say. Adam answered, “Just go”.

After the violence and aggression Adam had just encountered, things seemed a little calmer once Sammy went upstairs, even though he was still in dismay at what he just discovered. He knew Sammy had done illegal things that he shouldn’t be proud of, but cocaine? That just put the nail in the coffin; he never thought a person he loved could sink so low. Whatever happened, Adam would need to make a drastic decision quickly about what to do next, as Sammy would need help and would have to learn his lesson before its too late. He could only ponder what to do next, Sammy had done terrible things before at a younger age but nothing that compares to this. "Sammy, get down here!" Adam called out, he was anxious as he hadn't the slightest idea of what to say. How can someone who has been away so long dare to lecture a kid on what he should or shouldn't do?

Sammy walked down the steps angered and even disappointed in himself, he was in deeper shit than Adam knew. Neither of them could face each other, this situation was something they were both at fault for. Before Adam could say anything there was a knock at the door. "Who the hell would be here this late, it's not one of your druggie friends is it?" Adam asked, angered Sammy answered "No if you were here more you'd know my friends don't come around this area at night!" As Adam reached to answer the door a man on the other side kicked it down, the knob jammed into his ribs knocking him to the floor. "Shit!" Adam roared as he fell to the ground. Sammy got ready for a fight but before he could move, a recognizable face emerged from behind the door. "I knew I'd find you here you little shit!" Sammy froze up in fear, he clearly realized the mistake he just made. "Where's those drugs you stole..." Donovan was silenced by an uppercut to the jaw. "Maybe it's time you fuckers go back home before I bash your skulls in!" Adam roared. "That won't be necessary Mr. Hunter." A man walked in through the front door, dressed professionally in a dark grey suit hair passed his shoulders, his cold stare and cool headed attitude showing he meant business. "Who the hell are you and what do you want?" Adam asked in anger. The man folded his arms calmly and answered "I am a mercenary, my name is no concern to you. Mr.X would like to speak with you, just come with us and no harm will be done to you or the boy." Adam balled his hands into a fist "Sammy stay back, you're about to see just how easily I can handle these chumps" Adam smirked; it had been a while since he had a good fight, almost a year now. Adrenaline pumped through his body and he spoke with confidence "well who ever you are doesn't matter to me, you work for Mr. X and I'll show you just like I've shown the others, I ain’t a normal cop!" Adam charged at the man swinging a strong left hook but before he could land it, he felt a heavy blow directly on the top of the head followed by excruciating pain, he caught himself before hitting the ground. "You're technique is sloppy, swinging your fists aren’t going to get you anywhere. Here let me show you the proper way to fight". Adam was lifted from the ground by his head, in a daze he could hear the man continue to speak. "My name is Shiva by the way, it's best I introduced myself before I kill you." Sammy's eyes widened, he was not going to watch his brother being killed. He charged knocking over Donovan as he was getting up. Shiva whilst still hanging on to Adam quickly threw a roundhouse kick knocking him to the ground, two other thugs then grabbed Sammy. "Wait!! Mr.X wants him alive remember? What do you want us to do with the boy?" Shiva turned, "Leave him here he's of little use to us. Take this letter boy, go warn Axel and Blaze." As he threw the letter to Sammy, Adam retaliated with all of his strength, "you ain't taking me that easy.." Adam then felt three crushing blows to his body knocking him directly to the ground outside his door step leaving him breathless. Just as he lost consciousness he heard the most horrifying words "Kill the kid and burn everything."

Chapter 2

A phone rang, "damnit who would call this late at night!" Axel roared as he sat up in his bed. Axel had just got in from a rough night, A fight with his girl followed by a drunken brawl in a bar could do damage to a guy. "Hello?" He answered. "Hello Mr. Stone, how are things going for you?" the words then turned into laughter. Axel easily recognized this voice, "Mr.X! I thought we threw your ass in the slammer, how was the jail food?" Axel said as he grinned. "It was delightful, that one day in jail did wonders for me." Axel paused in shock "What, no more cheeky remarks Axel? you didn't think it would be that easy to get rid of me did you?" Axel clinched the phone and snapped "Well maybe jail isn't the place for you, how about somewhere 6 feet under that sound good to you?!" Mr.X chuckled "Well well, looks like I hit a nerve. I guess the news of your friend Adam should fix that attitude of yours shouldn't it?" Axel fell silent, his anger turned to rage "What have you done with Adam you son of a bitch?!" Mr.X then laughed before hanging up the phone. Axel quickly dialed Blaze’s number but there was no answer. "Blaze call me back as soon as you can Mr.X is back and something’s happened to Adam! I'm going to call a friend and check on his little brother. Meet us at the red light district at midnight!"

Meanwhile at Adam's apartment now burned to the ground, punks were laid out in the street. Sammy stood in anger as he took another look at his destroyed home, "Fuckers! I won't let my brother down again, they'll pay for this shit!" A voice was then heard from down the street "Heh, I wouldn't get so ahead of yourself kid. The syndicate is serious shit." Sammy looked to his left to see a man leaning on a light pole. An odd looking man, lengthy legs and arms fairly thin for someone his height but toned wearing a crimson red hat and shirt under a black vest and oddly colored jeans. "Who are you? Nice hat clown, what do you know about the syndicate?", Sammy asked with a smirk on his face. "You're hat's no different than mine looks like you could use a new one heh." He threw his hat to him and put on another one. "I have a spare, anyway the syndicate is much different then when you're brother and his partners fought them off as you can clearly see. Mr.X isn't playing around anymore, if you really want to get your brother back you'd better play it smart." As he spoke Sammy heard another voice "Sammy, are you ok?" The man stood about 6'0" worth a lean build, wearing what looked like brand new jeans, a white t-shirt covered with a black leather jacket with shades and a blue headband covered in golden blond hair. It was Axel, Adam's partner. "Yeah this guy was just giving me info on the syndicate." Axel looked around "Who?" he asked. Sammy turned to see that the man was gone. "You must be hallucinating after what just happened. We don't have anytime we've got to save your brother come with me I've got someone who can help us!" As they turned to head to Axel's car, they could see a few punks hanging around it. "Hey pretty boy, this is a nice car you got here mind if we take it for a ride?" Axel smirked annoyed by the idiot in front of him. "How about this, buddy" Axel grabbed the punk by the face lifting him off the ground. "Agh let go of me you faggot! put me dow.." Axel quickly slammed his head in the concrete, leaving the other punks shaken up. "Whoa ok man we don't want any trouble." The punk whimpered as he slowly backed away shivering. "Too late you've pissed me off, you scratched my car!" Axel then charged towards the punks giving them an uppercut, his hand combusted as he hit the punk in the solar plexus sliding up to the jaw, "GRAND UPPER!" The punk laid unconscious. "Wow that was awesome!" Sammy cried in amusement. "Heh, it's a little technique I learned this past year, now lets go get your brother." Axel grinned, "I know someone maybe you're familiar with him if you watch any television" Skate smiled back and they rode off.

They parked the car in front of an event center. "Ah sweet! Isn't this where they have the wrestling events?" Sammy asks. "Yup, this is where my friend does his job. I'm sure you know who he is." They entered the stadium and got stopped by a guard. "Hold up buddy v.i.p only you have your passes?" Axel let down his shades with a grin, "We're here to see *Hatchett*" the guard stood emotionless, Sammy started to worry a little. "Ah Axel Stone good to see you, right this way", the guard let them in. "Wow that guy has some poker face." Sammy said with a cheeky grin "By the way, Hatchett?" He asked lifting an eyebrow. "It's just a childhood code name, he uses it now for when people who know him personally want to see him." As they waited in the stadium for *Hatchett* they could hear the loud chanting "THUNDER, THUNDER, THUNDER, THUNDER!" "Max Thunder? I thought he retired wrestling? you know him?!" Sammy asked curiously "Well when you're me you tend to know people." Axel sat with a cocky grin "Man you and my brother are just the same with that arrogant shit" Sammy said as he chuckled. The door to the room opened, a blanket of light covering the entrance nearly blinding the two. A huge figure appeared through the small door entrance having to bend down slightly to walk in, as the silhouette came in clear view it appeared to be a man with a colossus body build, wearing blue and black spandex pants with lightning bolts engraved on the sides and red spandex boots. "Max! It's been a while man, how are things?" Sammy interrupted "Wow Thunder, names Sammy my bro used to watch you as a kid. Still wrestling huh?" Max gave Sammy a quick glare then turned to Axel. "You know not to wait in my room while I'm out Axel, I could've piled rived you into the ground without a second thought had I been pissed off today." Axel sighed "Always a pleasure buddy." "I got your message, did you get in contact with your girlfriend?" Max asked with a slight grin on his face "Blaze, and no I didn't I told her to meet us at red light district" Axel said in a slightly annoyed tone. "Are you in?" He asked. "Of course, what kind of friend would I be if I didn't go kick plenty of asses to help you out?" Max answered with a grin. Axel turned to Sammy with a grin "Alright lets go then." Max grabbed his thunder jacket and they set off to red light district.

Chapter 3 (Beta version hehe)

Time had stood still for Adam until he opened his eyes. His surroundings were empty, bare walls with blood stains from countless prisoners stood before him. The only light came from a square hole in the wall bounded by steel bars. This however was too high so Adam could see nothing but the glare of the moon shining directly to a part of this empty place. As he tried to get up he struggled then realised that both of his hands were chained, the chains extending up to the top of the cell which left his arms aching in an uncomfortable position. From what Adam made out, it was cold enough and dark enough to be the early hours of the morning. After hearing echoes of distant screams and pleas for help from outside, all Adam could do was think about firstly getting out of this place alive then finding Sammy to make sure he was ok then kicking the asses of anyone responsible for placing him here. This meant finding and killing Mr. X along with anyone working for him in his syndicate organisation.

It all brought back memories of last year when taking down the syndicate. It was coming up to the anniversary of the teams victory, Adam and his loyal partners were even going to meet up to celebrate some time soon, that didn’t look like it was going to happen now! This made him wonder where they were, what they were doing, if they knew. Adam had kept in contact with Axel and Blaze from time to time and they still remained close but the last time he saw them was a couple of weeks after the battle. Axel and Blaze had planned to move outside of Wood Oak City to start a new life together and continue battling new gangs that emerged in the aftermath of the syndicate fall. Nevertheless, things this time round were different, so much different it was far worse. To start, Sammy was now involved in all this mess and Adam now felt powerless. To make matters worse, backup was no longer given like before from the police force, he had recently discovered a number of corrupt members including the chief all linked to the syndicate organisation. Whatever were to follow would be an uphill struggle, one where Adam would feel fortunate enough to get through. These thoughts just kept circling through his brain then suddenly the blank door in the corner of the room slammed open, creating an echo that sent vibrations through the whole building and beyond.

In walked a largely built man, much like Bongo a former crime boss that worked for the syndicate. Adam realized this wasn't Bongo he was a little more built, wearing overalls and striped shirt, wearing boxing gloves and had a huge moustache. The expression on his face was brutal but emotionless. He stood in front of Adam who slowly looked up and muttered to himself, “what the fuck???” The next thing he knew, a fist came crashing down into the side of his head. The impact was so heavy that Adam for a split second lost consciousness, not feeling the immense pain until the moment after. His vision was blurred as he tried to recover, before he had the chance R. Bear struck another blow, this time to Adams jaw, fracturing the bone. He then started to speak, at this point Adam could barely hear amongst all of the confusion, never had he experienced such power in a single jab. This bastard finally started to speak and as he did Adam could hear a harsh German accent. “Mr. Hunter, a pleasure to finally meet you in person”. “Fuck you!” replied Adam, his words were laboured as he caught his breath back. R. Bear then stood him up properly, still chained, grabbed his head and looked Adam straight in the eyes. He starred with an evil grin, “you’ll be seeing more of me before you die!” The last thing Adam experienced before he passed out was R. Bear repeatedly smashing his head into Adam’s skull and face. He could taste the blood that leaked from his nose into the back of his mouth. More blood blurred his vision before he could remember nothing else.
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Streets of Rage 2: Revenge of Mr.X by Mr.Din & Blaze F

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