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Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja/Bad Dudes/Dragon Ninja:
(Arcade, NES, PC, Apple II, Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, MSX; 1988)
1-2 players

Controls(arcade & NES only):
Button 1/A: Punch
Button 2/B: Jump
Down: Crouch
Select(NES only): Skip cut scenes

Away & 1/A to attack behind(elbow or back kick, depending on the enemies distance from you. Elbow doesn't appear to be in the NES version). Down & 1/A to crouch and punch(this will also pick up a weapon/health item if you're directly over it). Forward & 1 to kick. Down/forward & 1 to low kick(either of the last 2 moves seem to be more distance based, than direction & button, in the NES version). Up & 1/A to punch overhead. 2/B, 1/A to jump kick. Forward & 2/B, 1/A to spin kick(actually the same exact move in the NES version). Up & 2/B to jump to a higher level, and Down & 2/B to jump to a lower level. Up/forward & 2 to somersault high jump(arcade only). A & B simultaneously to spin kick(NES version only, most powerful attack in the game).

As a note, when a weapon is in hand, you don't have any kicks anymore, except for the jump kicks.

In the NES version you can choose your character, before the first stage, with A, whereas in the arcade version each player is a specific character. The Famicom version, Dragon Ninja actually reverses the controls, which fits general console gaming better than the NES version. It also has boss introduction scenes, which were cut from the NES version. This version has a fan translation for those interested, here:

Cameo: Karnov, of his own game(and a couple fighting games), as the first stage boss, with bits of his games main theme in his boss fight theme.

Two Crude/Crude Buster/Two Crude Dudes :
(Arcade, Genesis; 1990):
1-2 players:

Button 1/B: Punch
Button 2/C: Jump
Button 3/A: Lift/Throw
Down: Crouch

Forward & 1/B to kick(sometimes you'll punch anyway). Down & 1/B to crouch and Punch. Down/forward & 1/B to low kick. Up & 1/B to punch upward. 2/C, 1/B to jump kick, while forward & 2/C, 1/B is a slight variation of this kick. Up & 2/C to jump to a higher level, and Down & 2/C to jump to a lower level. Up & 3/A to grab upward. Down & 3/A to grab while crouching(use this to pick up soda cans to restore health).

The grab/lift plays a major part of this game. When an enemy, or large object, is being held over head you can still kick, crouch kick, and either variation of the jump kick, but 3/A will throw the enemy/object you're holding. In the arcade version, some weapons can't be thrown, and either 1 or 3 will attack with it, until the character is done using that weapon, or an enemy hits you, knocking it out of your hands. In the Genesis version, anything can be thrown with A, but you can also attack with weapons that aren't held overhead with B. Anything not tied down to the background can be picked up. You can't jump to an upper level with a weapon in hand(s), as in this game, the characters pull themselves up. However if there are stairs, you can jump up them with a weapon in hand(s). You can combine jumping and grabbing, but I don't think there are many practical uses for that. Oh, and yes, bosses themselves can be lifted, and thrown, for some fairly good damage.

Sometimes you have to break walls to move forward. Some enemies also kind of latch onto your character, and you have to mash buttons to knock them off.

The Genesis version provides bonus stages, in between each stage, where you hit a soda dispenser, and drink as much as you can of what falls out,to refill health, within 30 seconds.

Not much else to say about a simple pair of single plane beat 'em ups, whose only connections seem to be the developer, and some gameplay mechanics.
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[Data East] Dudes
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