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 [Technos] The Combatribes

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(Arcade, SNES; 1990):
1-3 players (adjustable in MAME's Tab menu dip switch settings, 3 player forces specific characters on specific coin slots, 2 player mode allows the player to choose their character)

Button 1/Y or X: Punch
Button 2/B or A: Kick
Select(SNES version only): Continue, and choose character after continuing

Either button will pick up, and then throw, when pressed again, a large object, like a motorcycle(these kinds of objects aren't present in the SNES version). Press both buttons simultaneously(or double tap Left/Right, which is the only option for the SNES version) to run, and either(any) button to perform a running attack. Press 1/Y/X at a fallen enemies feet to swing them around. Press 2/B/A at a fallen enemies feet to jump on them. Press 1 at a fallen enemies head to pick them up into a grab(not in the SNES version). Press 2 near a fallen enemies head(or really, just anywhere but at the feet) to stomp(not in the SNES version). Press Down anywhere but directly at the head or feet of an enemy to mount them, and then either(any)  button to start slamming their head into the ground. Walk into a dizzy enemy to grab, where 1/B/A(punch button arcade, kick button SNES) throws, and 2 lifts into a bodyslam position(you can walk around like this), where 1 throws them so they land face first, and 2 throws them where they land on their back(on the SNES you'll press Y or X and just throw them so they land on their face, no lift/carry/alternate throw option). If you grab an enemy and attack while another is right behind you, you'll slam their heads together.

In the arcade version, health is represented by numbers, as opposed to the long health bar in the SNES version, and the more coins you add, then press the Start button, the more health you'll add to your characters number. Other than the move differences above, the SNES version also lacks any of the blood the arcade version has.

This game is unique in that all the playable characters are large, strong guys. No balance with speed, just brute strength overall.
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[Technos] The Combatribes
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