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 [Konami] Metamorphic Force

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PostSubject: [Konami] Metamorphic Force    [Konami] Metamorphic Force  Icon_minitimeThu Mar 19, 2015 9:36 am

Arcade (1993):
1-4 players (In emulation this can be changed via dip switch settings(in this case in MAME, in the Tab button menu, instead of pressing F2), and the 4 player option has the usual coin slot dedicated to a specific character thing going on, so the default 2 player option will allow you to choose a character.)

This game uses the engine from X-Men, but changes quite a bit about it still.

Button 1: Attack/pick up item
Button 2: Jump

You can still attack enemies when they're down, by being close to them as you press 1. Now away & 1 will attack enemies behind your character. 2, 1 will jump attack, and it's the same no matter what height you press 1 at, or which directional variant you try to add to it(except for Max, who has something slightly different with forward & 2, 1). 1 & 2 simultaneously is your desperation attack, with no chance for a free use this time. There are also no throws...

...until you collect a golden statue that transforms you into a werebeast(you may want to use this when multiple enemies are around, as the transformation itself is a powerful attack, which seems to work like Colossus' desperation attack in X-Men). Then by walking into an enemy, you can grab them, during which you can strike combo with 1, and throw them with away & 1. Max has another strike combo with Up & 1(hold Up as you press 1 to keep attacking with that combo), and can attack with 2(same thing as just pressing 1) as well for some reason. Ivan has a couple additional throws with 2, and forward & 2. He also has a forward throw, with forward & 1. Your jump attack will be different in werebeast form, depending on when you press 1, at the high point of the jump, or the low point. Other than that, the werebeast does everything else the human forms do(back attack, attack fallen enemies, & desperation), but with different animations to accompany the werebeast form.

Your health is represented by a number now, which means you seem to be capable of having much more than in X-Men. In werebeast form there's a meter below your health that slowly decreases over time, but also decreases faster as you take damage/use the desperation attack. Health pickups will increase the meter as well, to stave off losing the transformation. Should you pick up another golden statue in werebeast from, you'll run about all over the screen in something that looks like Nightcrawler's desperation attack from X-Men.

There are a couple bonus stages, which include breaking a statue(like the car in Final Fight/Street Fighter), and charging through obstacles and enemies.

The playable cast includes, Ban, who becomes a werebull, and is basically the 2nd strongest, 3rd fastest character. Claude who carries a sword before transformation, and becomes a werewolf, and is clearly the fastest, weakest character. Max, who becomes a werepanther, and is the 2nd fastest, 3rd strongest character. Finally, there's Ivan, who carries a log before transformation, becomes a werebear, and is the strongest, slowest character.

This is the first time since Altered Beast that the genre would revisit therianthropy, but at the same time, the first time it was done in a belt scroll field.
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[Konami] Metamorphic Force
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