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 [Konami] X-Men

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Arcade (1992):
1-6 players (The 6 player cabinet requires the player to put the coin in the slot for the character they wish to play as. Emulation generally makes the 4 player cabinet the parent rom, so just going by the parent rom, the player will already have their choice of character. However, the more coins(or "coins") put into either the 2 or 4 player cabinet, the longer you'll be stuck as that character, until you run out of credits.)

Button 1: Attack
Button 2: Jump
Button 3: Mutant power(desperation)

It seems you'll automatically attack enemies behind you, when they get close enough as you're attacking. When you're extremely close to an enemy, you'll throw them(not sure how to aim specifically for it, or even if I would recommend doing so). If they're on the ground, you can attack them while they're down. 2, 1 is a jump attack(jumping itself always moves forward). If you press 1 at the low point in the jump, you'll perform a different jump attack than pressing it at the high point of the jump.

Each life comes with a free use of Mutant Power. Unfortunately, only the Japanese version uses that one right away, and in the North American and European versions, you lose 3 increments of your 10 increment health bar, until you're under 4 increments, then you'll use the free one(s). You'll earn another free one for the life you're one when you defeat a boss.

There are no pick ups here, which leaves the player without means to restore health. It's also one of those games where the enemies tend to hang around areas you can't reach.

Apparently this is based on the pilot of an animated series that never came to be, called "Pryde of the X-Men." I'm not sure how much actually was shown in this pilot, but fans of the comics are going to notice quite a few inaccuracies. Mainly in the powers of half the heroes, and some of the villains, some of which would have no motivation to work with each other. The final boss is noticeably taller than he should be as well, but that happens a lot in video game adaptations. As for playable characters, you have Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Dazzler.
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[Konami] X-Men
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