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Arcade (1992):
1-2 players

This one never came to North America.

Although it can be changed in the dip switch settings, by default there are limited continues, which is very odd for an arcade cabinet at this point in time.

Button 1: Attack/pick up items
Button 2: jump

2, 1 jump attacks. Double tap Left/Right to run, and press 1 while running to attack. Asterix has a Down/forward & 1 slide attack. There aren't any grabs, but you can pick up enemies lying on the ground with 1, then do any of 4 different throws with any direction & 1(You only have this level of control over the weakest enemies though), or any randomly just by pressing 1 alone. The run attack, and Asterix's slide will instantly knock enemies down, so the pick up and throw will usually be the main means of defeating enemies. Obelix will always start out, & sometimes when continuing, with a large stone, that he will randomly either slam down upon his enemies, or throw, but will eventually throw it sooner than later.

There are objects that help out. Either a large roast or a flask, dragged around by Dogmatix, will cause them to run around the screen invincible for a little while. This is a bit controllable, if you want to aim it. There are sometimes vines/ropes you can swing from for a while(by jumping into them when your shadow aligns with theirs), before they break, which attacks enemies in the path of where the vine/rope swings. By walking toward Panacea, and letting her kiss you, enemies turn red out of embarrassment, which leaves them stunned, and wide open to attack. Fruit will heal health.

Of course there are also annoying obstacles, like pits you can fall in(though the physics of that is ignored during the invincible attack), or one stage has a tornado that spins you around and throws you out, or boulders that fall down on top of you as you're trying to jump up some platforms.

Sometimes there are bonus stages, either making a horse drawn chariot go fast while the horses jump obstacles, or smashing barrels on a pirate ship, while automatically collecting treasure by walking over it or punching any enemies that show up.

This is based on a series of French comics that began in 1959, about how Julius Caesar is unable to conquer the Gauls, because they created a potion that gives them super strength. Obelix accidentally fell into a mixture of the potion when he was younger, so he always has super strength, on top of his massive size.
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[Konami] Asterix
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