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 [Capcom] Battle Circuit

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PostSubject: [Capcom] Battle Circuit   [Capcom] Battle Circuit Icon_minitimeWed Mar 11, 2015 9:26 am

(Arcade; 1997)
1-4 players(if you're emulating, this can be adjusted in the dip switch settings)

This one was never released in North American arcades.

Button 1: Attack/pick up items
Button 2: Jump

Before diving into the more advance controls, you should know that in between stages you can use money collected to buy upgraded and new moves. The game will tell you what the moves are, if you can afford them, before you buy them, but I'll elaborate anyway. Buying a move with any character gets the same priced move for everybody, at least in single player mode.

Every character has a 4 hit combo, and everyone has at least 1 extra combo finisher by pressing a direction & 1, after the 3rd hit. Cyber Blue has one for every direction, Yellow Iris has one for both Up and Down, Alien Green and Pink Ostrich only have one with Down, and Captain Silver has one for both forward and away. Everyone, except Pink Ostrich, has a forward & 1 move(Yellow Iris can follow it up with 1 again, for a multi-hit attack, after buying the upgrade). Everyone except Alien Green has a Down, Up & 1 move(before upgrading, Pink Ostrich can add to hers by tapping 1, after it connects). Alien Green and Captain Silver have Down, Down/forward, forward & 1 moves(Alien Green's must be bought first). Everyone has a move where they can hold 1 until a light appears around them, and then release(this can be upgraded to add a more powerful move, where the light changes color as you hold the button down longer, but Pink Ostrich has this move already, and both of her charge attacks can be upgraded). 2, 1 to jump attack. 2, Down & 1 to dive attack. Run by double tapping any direction. You can change direction, and run all around the screen. While running you can attack, & jump attack. Walk into an enemy to grab. During a grab you can strike 3 times, or throw an enemy in front or behind you with Left/Right. Alien Green can jump and throw with 2, 1. Fallen enemies can be picked up by pressing 1 by them. During this, you can throw with 1, or jump and throw with 2, 1. 1 & 2 simultaneously for a desperation attack, which can also be pulled off in grab situations. In multiplayer, if you stand just close/far enough that sparks bounce between 2 playable characters, both players can press both buttons at the same time for a super desperation attack, which still takes health from both players. If you jump and press 1 & 2 simultaneously, you'll go into a powered up mode, which temporarily improves a specific attribute, depending on the character. You'll know if you can do it if any of the 5 increments of the half circle bar next to your characters portrait are a bright green. The increments can be filled by collecting red and white bomb looking items with "B!" written on them.

Pink Ostrich has her own unique jump moves. After buying the move, you can press 2, Down & 2 for a really good dive attack(Captain Silver can buy a similar move). 2, 2, to double jump, where you can press 1 for a unique attack. 2, Up & 2 to stay afloat for about 3 seconds, where you can perform a multi-hit dive attack with 1, or a slam with 2, once the latter move is bought. Yellow Iris can wall jump by pressing 2, then pressing toward a wall(seems like it can just be the edge of the screen this time) and hitting 2 again. From the wall jump she can attack with 1, or dive attack with Down & 1.

New store moves not mentioned yet: Alien Green and Yellow Iris have one with Down, Down/forward, forward & 1 during a grab. Alien Green has another with away, away/Up, Up, Up/forward, forward, forward/Down, Down, Down/away, away & 1 during a grab(this is very responsive, even when emulating with a D-pad, so don't be intimidated by the motion). Sometimes you can get a healing item out of that move. One more unique aspect to Alien Green is that his power up move heals him, and one of his upgrades improves the amount of health he can get back from it. Captain Silver never replaces any of his moves, so with his upgrades, either do his dash attack, or Down, Up & 1 attack, and keep tapping 1 as you connect. He gets a 3rd charge attack(holding 1 until the light changes color twice, then releasing it).

Money needed for the store can be either picked up manually(copper coin for 1, silver coin for 3, gold coin for 5, a bag of coins for 10, and an open briefcase for 20), or beaten out of your enemies(only coins, which are automatically picked up this way). Part of the games strategy becomes finding the best way to beat your enemies, while also beating the best amount of coins out of them. On top of move upgrades, and new moves, the store also includes B.D.L. units(basically buying increments on the power move meter), Vital Gain, which increases the health meter, allowing you to take more damage before you lose a life, or Extend, which are extra lives(You start with 2, and, if you can afford it, since this is the most expensive item, can increase your lives up to 5).

This game is a humorous take on the Super Hero genre. The playable roster is very unique. Cyber Blue is a cyborg, Yellow Iris is a cat woman with a fox(really, it looks like a big eared cat with a squirrel's tail) that follows her around, Alien Green is a plant creature, Pink Ostrich is a young girl riding an ostrich, and Captain Silver just seems to be a human super hero.

This is Capcom's last 2D arcade beat 'em up, and, as such, I think it's safe to say it doesn't disappoint.
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PostSubject: Re: [Capcom] Battle Circuit   [Capcom] Battle Circuit Icon_minitimeThu Mar 12, 2015 8:09 am

I'm saddened this game never got a port. I enjoy playing this one A LOT, I like how Cyber Blue has Guy's MFF combo.
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[Capcom] Battle Circuit
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