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Based on the movie series in the late '90's/early 2000's, loosely based on the Marvel comics character up to that point.

Game Boy Color (2000, published by Activision)
1 player

[HAL] Blade Blade10

B - guard(leaves enemies open for attack when successful)/shoot Left/Right(use the D-pad to turn around)/stake stunned enemies/throw dazed enemies(they're leaning backward)
A - punch(combo ends with a spinning kick)/shoot in in the background(use the D-pad to aim)
Up & A - mid level punch
Up - enter doors
Down - crouch
Down, A/Down & A - uppercut(often leaves enemies in dazed state)
Down, B/Down & B - jumping spin kick
A & B - special(start with 5 Glaives, which fly like boomerangs, but hit everything on screen)
double tape Left/Right - Dash(mainly for movement)

You can choose your starting stage between 3, or go "home," where Whistler helps with information(item descriptions, hints, or game passwords), or upgrades(weapons, armor, and skills), that cost money you earn throughout the game. Some stages, like the beginning of the one labeled "Level 1" on the beginning map, have shooting segments. There's a timer, represented as a "serum" meter, despite the fact that there are also numbers counting down on the far upper right side of the screen. This is one of the things you can upgrade at home, which I have to assume means it counts down slower. The game has an adventure feel to it, as entering the doors can lead to finding items, as well as listening to clues from enemies, and backtracking, which can lead to secret stages. During boss battles, you have a sword. For the most it works the same way, attack with A, block with B. A & B will jump, where you can use A to slash in mid-air, and you can also attack after a dash. Bosses tend to fly and throw projectiles around. During shooting segments, if you're not holding the a button down, you can move the cursor or turn around much faster. The blue meter underneath the health bar is actually a 2nd health bar that will replace the green one, if you deplete it.
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[HAL] Blade
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