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 [Scultured Software] Ninja Mission

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PostSubject: [Scultured Software] Ninja Mission   [Scultured Software] Ninja Mission Icon_minitimeWed Oct 18, 2017 9:22 am

Arcade (developed/published by Arcadia Systems, 1987), Atari 800(part of Atari 8-bit computer line, published by Mastertronic, 1986), Commodore 64(published by Mastertronic, 1986), Amiga(published by Mastertronic, 1987), Amstrad CPC(developed/published by Entertainment USA, 1987), Atari ST(published by Mastertronic, 1987), PC/DOS(published by Mastertronic, 1986)

Atari 800, Commodore 64, and DOS version are the only one to reach North America(DOS version only released in NA, while the others released in both regions), the rest are exclusive to Europe(including the arcade port, despite the name of the CPC's developer).

1 player

[Scultured Software] Ninja Mission Ar_nin10
(Arcade version)

Arcade controls:
1 - punch
2 - sword
Up - jump/jump through a hole in the ceiling
diagonal Up - flip jump
diagonal Up & 1 - jump kick(must be close to enemies)
Down - pick up objects(stand just to the side of them)/drop through a hole in the floor
diagonal Down - alternate walk(? no idea what this is useful for)
away & 1 - throw weapons

Holding either button down will continuously attack. I'm not sure what the objective is, it appears to be to collect 7 golden dragon statues, then either escape somehow, or defeat the Akuma enemy, who shows up much quicker than before you collected the 7th statue. The issue is that this particular enemy is able to throw infinite throwing weapons, and before collecting the 7th statue, seems to mainly be there to urge the player not to stick around too long.
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[Scultured Software] Ninja Mission
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