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 [Face] Cross duology

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These are a bit difficult to determine one the genre front, but there's no actual platforming(there are some upper/lower areas of some stages) until later in the games, and the character does default with melee.

Cyber Cross/Busou Keiji: Cyber Cross
PC Engine (1989, developed by ITL)
1 player

[Face] Cross duology Ccr10

II - kick
Down - crouch
Down, II - low punch
I - jump
Down, I - drop to a lower level
I, II - jump punch

Every so often a flying mechanical object comes by that can be struck for various items. Among the items are orbs that will give the main character similar colored armor. In armored form the controls don't change, except that now you can hold II to charge the meter, and release it when it's full, to perform a spin kick. That, however, requires the character to stand still the whole time. The armor also boosts jump height, making it easier to land on an upper area. If you should get a 2nd orb of the same color, then your character will now have a weapon, and 3 chances to not get hit(noted by the crystals underneath the time gauge being filled in, with a yellow cross in the middle) before he loses it. Red armor has a sword, and if it works like the sequel, the Green armor has a boomerang, and Blue a gun. Should you lose enough health, the armor disappears. There's only 1 chance for the whole game.

Cross Wiber: Cyber Combat Police
PC Engine (1990, Developed by Sankindo)
1 player

[Face] Cross duology Cwb10

II - punch
Forward & II - kick
Down - crouch
Down & II - low kick
I - jump
Down, I - drop to lower level
I, II - jump kick
I & II - spin kick (costs health)
Select - change into armor (health bar needs to be in the blue area first. All attacks become the weapon he's using, which is a sword by default, and he jumps higher, but loses the spin kick)

The sword/default armor is red, the green armor gives him a boomerang attack, and the blue armor gives him a gun, which can run out of ammo, and then he uses kicks. The ammo can be restored. All items seem to come from these small UFO's that fly across the screen. The armor items will be orbs in the center of metallic squares. You also lose the armor in this game by taking enough damage(health in the red area). Some stages play out like a shoot 'em up. You have 1 chance per continue, but 3 continues on the whole.

These games can throw a lot of enemies at you, especially in the 2nd stage of Cross Wiber.
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[Face] Cross duology
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