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PostSubject: mod discussion   mod discussion Icon_minitimeSun Nov 27, 2016 7:11 am

Let's try some of these i dont think i'll finish all of them, i'm not a big fan of the Remake.
I'm hyped and scared in same time for some of them using my fav arcade title xD

I'll put quick review of them after finishing some and edit when i do a new.


- Night slasher Mod 4/5

Pros :
- It's an amazing arcade game so music, backgrounds and atmosphere are a plus.
- Palette of enemies are great and funny, i laughed a lot seeing it
- Balanced in a way you can finish this without problems
- Almost perfectly Short

Cons :
- The SOR sprites are down compared to the original game
- Some enemy choices are weird ? (electras ? signals are better tackle candidate for the plane section in mummy stage for exemple )
- Some useless spawns (last Boss fight for exemple)
- Lose the gore touch
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mod discussion
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