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 [Capcom] Captain Commando

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(Arcade, SNES; 1991)
1-4 players:
Depends on the arcade cabinet, 4 player forces specific characters on each player.

Button 1/Y: Attack/pick up item
Button 2/B: Jump/Enter mech(arcade only)

Combo's are effected by when you press forward during the combo, after the first hit. Away & 2/B escapes backward. 2/B, 1/Y jump attacks. Away/forward & 2/B, 1/Y is an alternate jump attack. 2/B, Down & 1/Y is another. Down/away or Down/forward & 2/B, 1/Y is yet another. Everyone, except Baby, has an Up & 2/B, 1/Y jump attack as well. Everyone can run with double tapping Left/Right. When running you can attack, and the jump attack is something different than the others. Everyone has a wall jump(arcade version only) by jumping toward a wall(an actual wall, not the edge of a screen), then pressing away & 2 as you jump into it. From the wall jump you can attack with either just 1, or Down & 1. Walk into enemies to grab. During grab, 1/Y attacks. Forward & 1/Y to throw forward. Any other direction & 1/Y to throw behind. Ginzu has a unique throw with Down & 1(Down/forward or Down/away & Y, to throw an enemy in that direction on the SNES). Baby can 2/B, 1/Y during a grab, just like Mike Haggar in Final Fight. 1/Y & 2/B is a desperation attack(alternatively, just A on the SNES), and unfortunately the only way to exit a mech.

The arcade game get's gory. There's blood, and characters with blades will cut enemies in half. The same happens to your characters when defeated by bosses. This doesn't happen on the SNES. On top of that, there are no mechs, much fewer weapons, and the wall jumps have been removed. The stages are all there though.

So this is pretty unique overall. Character wise you have Captain Commando himself, an armored super hero type, with flame throwers on his arms. A mummy named Mack the Knife, a baby driving a dual lever controlled mech, and a ninja. If you could say Violent Storm borrows from Capcom's style, this game borrows from Konami's. One stage has ninja come out of hidden compartments in the walls in the background, another is on hoverboards over water, and another still has enemies pop up from manholes.
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[Capcom] Captain Commando
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