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 [Eurocom] Lethal Weapon

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PostSubject: [Eurocom] Lethal Weapon   [Eurocom] Lethal Weapon Icon_minitimeWed Sep 27, 2017 10:16 am

Based on the movie of the same title.

NES & Game Boy (1993, published by Ocean)
1 player

[Eurocom] Lethal Weapon Lw10

Actually, Start pauses and Select switches the weapon in the NES version as well. While paused, any button will unpause. You could almost play it as a run 'n gun(some enemies/bosses you will want to use the gun for), but ammo is limited, and you still have the beat 'em up multi-plane movement. You can actually change characters(only 2) by walking off screen to the left, with their own health bar and ammo count. There are some tricky moments however, like a thin, tall wall, that you have to jump down and around back up to the land on the other side; or a helicopter sub-boss that can only be attacked by picking up a grenade and jumping with it, before using it on the helicopter. Any weapon you pick up is used right away, the next time you attack.
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[Eurocom] Lethal Weapon
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