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 [Handheld Games] Super Duper Sumos

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Based on a Nickelodeon cartoon that lasted from 2002-2003

Game Boy Advance (2003, published by Midway)
1 player

[Handheld Games] Super Duper Sumos Sds10

characters: Booma, Mamoo, & Kimo(I believe he is pictured above)

B - attack/pick up food(restore health)/lift(including enemies)/throw
B, Away - attack on both sides
A - jump
A, B - jump attack(learned a little ways into the game)
L - special(when one of the meters above the health bar is filled in, fill in the one with the "P" in it, and all 3 will be used for a screen clearing super)
R - run forward

If you get too close to some enemies they can really stun-lock your character(keep them from moving because they can consistently hit them, like the player can do in the Streets of Rage series). Some objects, when hit, will start glowing, so get away before they explode. There seem to be bonus rounds in between the rather lengthy stages, too.
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[Handheld Games] Super Duper Sumos
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