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 [Wayforward] Justice League Heroes: The Flash

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[Wayforward] Justice League Heroes: The Flash Empty
PostSubject: [Wayforward] Justice League Heroes: The Flash   [Wayforward] Justice League Heroes: The Flash Icon_minitimeThu Sep 14, 2017 9:18 am

Not entirely sure if this is based on one of the animated series, or the comics.

Game Boy Advance (2006, published in North America by Warner Bros, in Europe & Australia by Eidos)
1 player

[Wayforward] Justice League Heroes: The Flash Jlhtf10

B - punch
direction & A - zip to, and strike, the next target (requires some of the Flash meter, and obviously enemies around)
A & B - jump kick
L - call in ally (Superman, Wonder Woman, or Martian Manhunter, there are icons that can be found to be able to call them in once more)
R - super speed (actually slows down the enemies, so they're much easier for the player to defeat, drains the Flash meter)
Start - pause(obviously, but in this case, it also displays a map)

The Flash meter(a lighting bolt shaped meter underneath the health bar) will slowly increase again on it's own, but you can fill it up quicker by attacking enemies, or finding lightning bolt icons. Breakable objects are pointed out by the game, and these are usually where the items ares(hearts for health, ally's logo, extra lives[displayed as "+1"], lightning bolts for the Flash meter, etc.). You'll unlock more moves as the game moves on, which the game will explain to you in a splash screen(it explains the defaults during loading/splash screens as well).
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[Wayforward] Justice League Heroes: The Flash
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