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 [Torus Games] Fantastic Four

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PostSubject: [Torus Games] Fantastic Four   [Torus Games] Fantastic Four Icon_minitimeThu Sep 07, 2017 10:03 am

Loosely based on the first movie by Sony studios

Fantastic 4:
Game Boy Advance (2005, published by Activision)
1 player

[Torus Games] Fantastic Four Ff10

There's a tutorial as well. Isometric with some light adventure elements, you usually play as a given pair of the 4, who have to utilize their specific skills to get by, while also punching enemies out.

Fantastic 4: Flame on:
Game Boy Advance (2005, published by Activision)
1 player

[Torus Games] Fantastic Four Fffo10

This one is basically it's own story about the Human Torch, still using the aesthetic(as well as the GBA can interpret it) of the movie.

B - Punch
Down & B - fireball
A - jump
A, any direction & A - burst of flight
Down & A - drop to a lower level
A, B - jump punch
A, Down & B - jump fireball
A & B - fiery charge
A, Down & A & B - dive bomb
R - Inferno (requires a full meter)
L - Supernova (requires a full meter)

This is all covered in the tutorial stage anyway. The meter is the circle(you start with 4 full), while the flaming bar is Johnny's health. The meter fills as you defeat enemies, but it takes a good amount to fill it completely, so don't go nuts with the shoulder buttons. There are checkpoints, you can't miss the large "C," and being a single plane game, there are some platforming elements(hence why he only gets short bursts of flight).
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[Torus Games] Fantastic Four
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