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 [Software Creations] The Tick

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PostSubject: [Software Creations] The Tick   [Software Creations] The Tick Icon_minitimeFri Aug 18, 2017 2:28 pm

Genesis & SNES (1994, published by Fox Interactive)
1 player

[Software Creations] The Tick Tickge10

Genesis controls:
A - jump
B - punch
C - kick
A, C - jump kick
B & C - call Arthur (limited by the number next to his icon)
(I would suggest changing the controls to A - punch, B - kick, C - jump[then A & B calls Arthur]. This feels more like the Streets of Rage setup then, except you have a punch instead of a special move)

SNES controls:
Y - kick
B - jump
B, Y - jump kick
A - punch
X - call Arthur

Like Turtle in time, holding a direction to walk long enough will lead to running, but in this case, there are no extra moves from it. A fist item(items are walked over to gain, btw) will cause another character to appear back to back with the tick, to help deal with enemies in both directions, but it also keeps him from turning around, or jumping, during this. They also have different moves depending on the punch and kick buttons.

This one is based on the original animated series.
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[Software Creations] The Tick
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