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PostSubject: [Sunsoft] Shounen Ninja Sasuke   [Sunsoft] Shounen Ninja Sasuke Icon_minitimeWed Aug 16, 2017 2:55 pm

Super Famicom (1994)
1-2 players

[Sunsoft] Shounen Ninja Sasuke Sns10

Y - punch
B - jump
X - special (needs at least one of the 3 orbs underneath the health bar filled. There's a meter left of the orbs that fills up when fighting, and when filled completely, an orb turns red)
A - kick
B, B/Y/A - dive kick (you can potentially keep on doing this until an enemy falls/is defeated)
R - changes special (need to find scrolls to get more, otherwise it defaults on a wood replacement escape)
double tap Left/Right - run
run, Y - shoulder tackle
run, A - kick
Start - menu/world map

If you're close enough to a more durable enemy, in the middle of attacking you'll throw them(you might need to be holding forward). Sometimes text comes flying at your character, and it will turn him into a helpless small tree. There are enemies that do this as well. I'm not sure what the timing is, but sometimes you can turn landing from a jump into a shoulder tackle with Y. There seems to be 2 modes. The 1st one on the title screen would appear to be more adventure-like(think River City Ransom). The other mode, oddly enough the one with the world map, is more straightforward, arcade-like.
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[Sunsoft] Shounen Ninja Sasuke
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