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Super Famicom (1994, published by ASCII)
1-2 players

[Sting] Melfand Stories Melfan10

Y - attack
hold Y - guard
B - jump
B, Y - jump attack
B, Down - somersault to the ground (no idea what use this is)
X - magic (must find an item, an icon will be below the health bar when you have one. The orb actually cycles through elements, so you can take your time and get it when it's on the spell you want)
Down - crouch
crouch, Y - low attack
crouch, B - slide (not an attack, and won't move past enemies, just faster movement)

Items are picked up when walked over. Book items will clear the screen of all enemies. Food items restore health, though mushrooms are harmful instead. Bonus round consist of fighting enemies in a restricted area for points. Sometimes in between stages, you're given a choice as to how you want to progress.

Characters include El, whose sword has high reach, Corse with a spear, Lemin with magic that makes her play a bit run 'n gun-like, and Nora with a whip. I think El has the advantage, since there are a lot of flying enemies, but he has the shortest reach otherwise. Though Corse's spear doesn't reach much further, considering the way it's wielded.
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[Sting] Melfand Stories
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