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 [Vap] Kouryuu no Mimi

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PostSubject: [Vap] Kouryuu no Mimi   [Vap] Kouryuu no Mimi Icon_minitimeTue Aug 15, 2017 6:44 pm

Super Famicom (1995)
1 player

[Vap] Kouryuu no Mimi Knmsfc10

Y - punch(Y,Y,Y = 2 punches and an uppercut)
Y/forward & Y when close - throw(enemies and objects)
forward & Y - kick
Up & Y - jumping uppercut
Up/forward & Y - hop kick
Down & Y over a weapon - pick up
A - use weapon
B - jump
B, Y - jump kick
B, Up/Down & Y - jump kick(different animation)
forward & B, Down & Y - dive kick
Down - crouch
Down, Y - forward moving uppercut
Down/forward & Y low kick
Up, Up - escape backward
R - special (requires the meter to the right of the ring to be full. Surrounds the character with a flame while special effects fill the screen and hurt enemies, including tornadoes & lightning bolts)

Surprisingly large move set for a single plane game. It's heavy on story, for the genre, and unfortunately, it's fan translation is older, and may not run in modern emulators(at least, it still doesn't work with SNES9x). If you want to chance that it may work with your current emulator, or even risk using ZSNES(which was most likely what the game was tested on) the patch is here:
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Posts : 261
Join date : 2015-01-23

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PostSubject: Re: [Vap] Kouryuu no Mimi   [Vap] Kouryuu no Mimi Icon_minitimeWed Oct 31, 2018 6:52 am

The patch is updated now(works on the actual console[flash carts, repros, etc.] and bsnes), but won't work with the current 1.56 version of SNES9x, so if you're still using that emulator, you'll want to find version 1.43.
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[Vap] Kouryuu no Mimi
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