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 [Arsys Software] Battle Zeque-Den

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PostSubject: [Arsys Software] Battle Zeque-Den   [Arsys Software] Battle Zeque-Den Icon_minitimeSun Aug 13, 2017 9:28 pm

Super Famicom (1994)
1 player

[Arsys Software] Battle Zeque-Den Bzd10
(^courtesy of

The guide doesn't seem to cover that there are walk-in grabs, that lead to strike combos(Y) or throws(Left/Right & Y, which they sort of cover). Items are picked up by pressing Down while standing over them. There's a limit to how much you can use the X button special, indicated by 2 filled in orbs, underneath the health bar, to the right of the characters current level. Rufuu(pictured above)'s slide kick seems to just be Down/Forward & Y, without having to press Down first. Hamusu(who is blond) and Kairu's jump throw(most likely what the guide has listed as Hamusu's piledriver) has to be done as they're lined up with a jumping enemy, while they're also jumping, then hit Y. Also, the guide sort of goes over this, but one of Hamusu's special attacks is to hold Y down until she's flashing a lot(not when she barely starts to), then release it. The only other areas I can think of that the guide didn't cover under controls are that R also guards, and Down & B will drop down to a lower level, when on higher ground.
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[Arsys Software] Battle Zeque-Den
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