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 [Seibu Kaihatsu] Zero Team

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PostSubject: [Seibu Kaihatsu] Zero Team   [Seibu Kaihatsu] Zero Team Icon_minitimeMon Aug 07, 2017 2:38 pm

Arcade (1993)
1-2 players

[Seibu Kaihatsu] Zero Team Zerote10

The parent rom itself is listed as "Not Working" in M.A.M.E., but some clones roms, particularly New Zero Team and Zero Team 2000 are listed as "Working," and without issues too! I would recommend 2000 myself, as NZT puts a permanent turbo function on the attack button, but 2000 adds a 3rd button that does it, so you get the best of both worlds this way.

This is the only beat 'em up I know of where you can throw objects in 8 directions. If you throw a green barrel at an enemy, it may go over them(doesn't mean you'll always pull this off when you aim for it though, but a good amount of the time you will. Possibly just about to happen in the above picture). You can then attack them to knock the barrel onto it's bottom with their feet sticking out, pick up the barrel again, and throw it at other enemies with the other one still inside. During boss battles you can destroy their armor, or knock the weapons out of their hands, then use the destroyed piece of armor/weapon against them(until the weapon breaks, leaving them disarmed for the rest of the battle).

For fans or All Japan Pro Wrestling, one of the regular enemies is basically Stan Hansen, and the shape of the giant regular enemy is clearly meant to be modeled after Giant Baba.
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[Seibu Kaihatsu] Zero Team
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