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 [Namco] Wonder-Momo

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PostSubject: [Namco] Wonder-Momo   [Namco] Wonder-Momo Icon_minitimeMon Aug 07, 2017 2:35 pm

Arcade (1987)/PC Engine (1989)
1-2 players(alternating)

[Namco] Wonder-Momo Wndrmo10
(^arcade version)

button 1/II - kick/throw bubble
button 2/I - jump
2/I, 1/II jump kick/jumping splits kick
Down - crouch
Down, 1/II - crouch kick/splits kick(hits in both directions at once)
tap Left/Right - turn forward

The splits kicks need her to be facing forward(toward the player). The game presents itself like a play, with an audience watching. The more Momo defeats enemies, the more the Wonder meter fills. A pink tornado will transform her into Wonder-Momo, where she now has a bubble that can be thrown, and comes back to her. This is almost a total necessity for boss battles. Red and yellow capsules will restore some vitality(how health is measured here). A blue and peach colored one will make Wonder Momo spin around shooting projectiles in both directions. She'll regain some vitality after defeating a boss. She can lose the Wonder suit, so try to take bosses out as quickly as possible. You have once chance for the whole game, lose once and it's game over.

The PC Engine version has some color differences, among other things(like 2 copies of the 2nd stage boss showing up in the 3rd, for some reason), but otherwise is the same game, with the same 1 chance.
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[Namco] Wonder-Momo
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