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 [Atari Games/Midway] Skull & Crossbones

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[Atari Games/Midway] Skull & Crossbones Empty
PostSubject: [Atari Games/Midway] Skull & Crossbones   [Atari Games/Midway] Skull & Crossbones Icon_minitimeMon Aug 07, 2017 2:09 pm

Arcade (1989)
1-2 players(characters: P1-One Eye, P2-Red Dog)

[Atari Games/Midway] Skull & Crossbones Skullx10

button 1 - guard(hold the button down)/Start game/select difficulty/dig(as you're standing on crossbones)
forward & 1 - attack
away, 1(quickly) - reverse attack
Up/Down - change swords position(you'll attack/guard either high or low)/climb
button 2 - turn around

You can coin feed for health. Items are picked up by walking over them. Walk onto a red cross to jump/swing to the next area. There actually is a boss battle where turning away and reverse attacking makes sense. Also the games pits your pirate(s) against ninja early on(pictured above).
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[Atari Games/Midway] Skull & Crossbones
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