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 [Toaplan] Knuckle Bash

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PostSubject: [Toaplan] Knuckle Bash   [Toaplan] Knuckle Bash Icon_minitimeSat Aug 05, 2017 1:28 pm

Arcade (1993)
1-2 players

[Toaplan] Knuckle Bash Kbashk10

The game has a pro wrestling theme to it. There are button mashing bonus rounds between stages, where you can regain health for your character, for the life you're currently on, if you win. Considering you can just "coin" feed if you're emulating, it's probably best not to put your buttons through that. The desperation moves(guide calls them special attacks, but they're health draining) have awesome graphic effects, especially the Elvis(or Honky Tonk Man?) impersonator's. As the guide mentions, 2 bosses will join you, individually, as you defeat them at the end of one of the scenarios the game allows you to choose at the beginning.
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[Toaplan] Knuckle Bash
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