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 [Capcom] Trojan/Tatakai no Banka

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[Capcom] Trojan/Tatakai no Banka Empty
PostSubject: [Capcom] Trojan/Tatakai no Banka   [Capcom] Trojan/Tatakai no Banka Icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2015 1:09 pm

(Arcade, NES; 1986)
1-2 players.

Button 1/B: Sword/punch
Button 2/A: Shield/kick
Up: jump
Down: crouch

One boss in the arcade version, and flashing projectiles thrown by knife throwers in the NES version, knock the sword and shield away if you try to block. When crouching, the kick is the only move that changes animation. High jumping in the arcade is assisted with flashing neon light "jump" pads on the ground. In the NES version you enter sewers, and collect the boot icon, then jump out of the sewer with it, for the limited time you have it. Defeating the sub-boss in the sewer(some of which are either mid or end stage bosses in the arcade version) is optional. You can't jump high while moving in the NES version. The high jump is useful for taking out enemies that attack from above, but not necessary, as their attack are usually easy enough to avoid.

The arcade game is very straightforward, while the NES game has those optional sewer sections. The arcade game also allows you to select which stage you want to start on, so one could just skip to the final stage. The NES version adds a vs. mode. It's basically a 2 player best of 5, with the games engine for the playable characters.

Overall, it's a simple, single plane, early hack 'n slash by Capcom.
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[Capcom] Trojan/Tatakai no Banka
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