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 [Tatsumi] Cycle Warriors

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PostSubject: [Tatsumi] Cycle Warriors   [Tatsumi] Cycle Warriors Icon_minitimeThu Aug 03, 2017 12:32 pm

Arcade (1991)
1-4 players(depending on the cabinet, 2, 3 or 4. Evidently there are 2 2 player cabinets, the 2nd allowing the players to choose their character)

[Tatsumi] Cycle Warriors Cyclwa10

button 1 - jump
button 2 - attack(Left/Right & 1 to attack in the other direction)
1, 2 - jump attack

The game is listed as "not working" in M.A.M.E., but does show a lot of graphics, and plays the sounds. There are still missing graphics, like the characters at the character select screen, but it is mostly playable if you're willing.

The game takes place on your characters motorcycles, but unlike a racer, like Road Rash(closest comparison in this case), your characters are always moving forward. It's like Riding Fight in that regard. If you get close enough when you attack, you'll throw the enemies. Some enemies are suspending from flying vehicles, so that's when you need to jump.
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[Tatsumi] Cycle Warriors
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