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Arcade (1991)
1-2 players(2 player mode is a 1 on 1 fight, that is initiated when the 2nd player hits their start button, otherwise it's a single player game)

[Home Data] Battlecry Battlc10

button 1 - punch
Up & 1 - uppercut
Down & 1 - low punch
button 2 - kick
Up & 2 - side kick
Down & 2 - ground kick
button 3 - guard
Down & 3 - low guard
Up & 3 - jump

There are a lot more moves by mixing Up/Down with Left/Right, as well as getting the jump into the mix. The game will tell you what move you hit, if it isn't just a basic move. It's presented like a wrestling game. After you've made some progress a rope ladder will appear with an upward pointing arrow. Jumping into it will take you to the boss. When fighting multiple opponents(3 max, it would seem) you seem to be locked onto 1 at a time, but they won't stop showing up before you jump on the ladder.
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[Home Data] Battlecry
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