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 [Kaneko] B. Rap Boys

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PostSubject: [Kaneko] B. Rap Boys   [Kaneko] B. Rap Boys Icon_minitimeWed Aug 02, 2017 2:15 pm

B. Rap Boys (Kaneko, 1992)

Arcade (1992)
1-3 players(2 or 3 depending on the cabinet, M.AM.E. defaults on 3, 2 allows you to choose a character): Characters: Top(average size) Pan(large), Pea(small)

[Kaneko] B. Rap Boys Brapbo10

button 1 - attack
button 2 - jump
2, 1 - jump attack
1 & 2 - special(no health drain)
walk into enemy - grab
grab, 1 - throw

At the beginning, Top starts off on a bicycle, Pea starts off on a skateboard, and Pan on the same rollerskates he uses throughout the game. Items are picked up by walking over them. Your character can climb through areas with Up/Down(for instance over a little wall when a window breaks. If you need to get them over a fence, or something, utilize the jump button). There does seem to be an issue with the character locking their focus in one direction, which does not help out when enemies are behind them.

This is the sequel to DJ Boy.

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[Kaneko] B. Rap Boys
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