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 [Tecmo] Tecmo Knight/Wild Fang

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PostSubject: [Tecmo] Tecmo Knight/Wild Fang   [Tecmo] Tecmo Knight/Wild Fang Icon_minitimeSun Jul 30, 2017 1:38 pm

Arcade (1989) [no idea what the title situation is, the parent rom is literally titled "Wild Fang/Tecmo Knight"]
1-2 players

[Tecmo] Tecmo Knight/Wild Fang Wildfa10

button 1 - jump
button 2 - attack
button 3 - change(needs stars, which can be picked up from skulls dropped by enemies. Each life starts/resets with 3)

There's no jump attack, because you jump on enemies shoulders(as the giant), or at their necks(as the tiger), then attack from there. The players character starts off riding a giant, who punches the other giant enemies, but can switch to riding a tiger, where the players character uses a morning star(spiked ball on a chain) weapon. On the rare occasion an enemy drops a yellow orb with wings and a "D" in the center, your characters ride turns into an invincible dragon with a powerful laser for a few seconds, before reverting back. When the giant jumps on an enemies shoulders and the player is finished attacking that enemy, he can then land on another if they're at the appropriate distance and attack that one the same way. The enemies always wind up a bloody mess, and usually are decapitated upon defeat. There is no continuing where you left off, but there are check points. There is also a unique continue screen where the character is fighting against a giant closing mouth.
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[Tecmo] Tecmo Knight/Wild Fang
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