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 General consensus thread

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PostSubject: General consensus thread   General consensus thread Icon_minitimeMon Jul 10, 2017 1:34 pm

I kinda need you guys to log in and throw your opinions around here. For this 1st post, I'm trying to figure out if Ninja Combat should be considered as a beat 'em up.

So, the default player 1 & 2 characters throw shuriken as their default move, but can pick up melee weapons. The weapons are knocked out of their hands if they're hit once, making it much easier to play the game as a shooter. There's a special move if they charge a meter by holding the attack button, that costs 1/4 their health. The movement around the screen is what you'd expect since Renegade/Double Dragon. there's a dash attack that's melee as well. From there, the game has recruits, but none of them can pick up the melee weapons, though everything else applies.

So, does this sound like a beat 'em up, or a shooter that should be removed from the big list?
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General consensus thread
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