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 [OpenBoR] World Heroes Supreme Justice Extra

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PostSubject: [OpenBoR] World Heroes Supreme Justice Extra   [OpenBoR] World Heroes Supreme Justice Extra Icon_minitimeThu Feb 19, 2015 2:22 pm

Gotten here:

Controls include: Punch, Kick, Jump, and Block. You can combine jump and the attack buttons, sometimes with down, which in some cases, if you're good enough, can be used to pogo off enemies heads. Double tap to run, which can combine with attack, or jump and attack, for new moves. Mostly the specials will be quarter circle forward, or away, with one of the attack buttons(perhaps all 4 combinations, depending on the character), and usually a down, up & either punch of kick(again, depending on the character) move. Grabs occur when you strike a character a few times to stun them, and then walk into them. You use the kick button to strike combo, or the other 2 buttons(punch or jump) to throw/slam an enemy(most characters will kick with the jump button), while away & punch will throw an enemy behind you, into the others. If you stand around the enemies chest while they're on the ground, you can strike them a couple times while they're down. There's not much more to go into here, as the "How to play" main menu option will go over it all for the 5 playable characters in better detail anyway.

The game itself will take you about an hour to complete. 7 continues, 3 lives per continue, so 21 chances, before finding any hidden extra lives. Depending on how good you are with certain characters, this may not be enough your first time around, but as the game only has 6 stages, it wouldn't take long before you learn how to beat it. The first 3 times you beat the game, you'll unlock a pair of characters, eventually bringing the playable character total to 11. So that should extend the longevity of the game a little. The game comes with a move set text file, if you want to know the moves for the extra characters, but doing what you'd do with any of the starting 5 should be enough to figure them out for yourself.

There are Practice and Survival modes as well.

Overall it's a good effort, that keeps it short enough to bring the classic arcade feel to a fan project, and a bonus if you're into the World Heroes series of fighting games.
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[OpenBoR] World Heroes Supreme Justice Extra
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