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 [SNK] Ikari III: The Rescue

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PostSubject: [SNK] Ikari III: The Rescue   [SNK] Ikari III: The Rescue Icon_minitimeMon Jul 10, 2017 11:29 am

Arcade (1989):
1-2 players:

[SNK] Ikari III: The Rescue Ikari310

button 1 - kick/use or throw weapon
button 2 - punch/use or throw weapon
button 3 - jump
3, 1 - jump kick

It's overhead view, so you have the issue of having to turn your character in the right direction, of 8, to attack the enemies. When you start the game, you're in water, so both attack buttons punch, and the jump button is useless, but you get out of water soon enough. To pick up objects, you walk into them. You need to use 2 specifically for knives(makes sense as it gives the punch the same range as the kick). I've run into a problem where the character won't drop a gun that's out of ammo until he gets hit.

1-2 players

[SNK] Ikari III: The Rescue Ikari310
(image courtesy of Wikipedia, though hosted on a different server)

B - punch/use weapons
A - kick(randomly turns 90 or 180 degrees)/throw(when in water)
A & B - jump kick
Start - static pause
Select - status pause(shows overall high score, & current score, and current lives for each character)

Unlike it's arcade counterpart, you don't come across water until a bit later in the first stage, so you get used to the basic controls right away. Guns in the arcade version are found, or knocked out of enemy hands. In this version, you just have one when you're fighting a boss(usually, if not always, a vehicle). There are a lot of heart marked box health refills strewn about, and sometimes weapons are obtained from a W marked box. If you walk into an oil drum, you'll throw it right away, and it explodes shortly after. This version seems to have infinite continues, press Select to choose Yes when it asks about doing so.
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[SNK] Ikari III: The Rescue
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