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 [Alpha Denshi] Gang Wars

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PostSubject: [Alpha Denshi] Gang Wars   [Alpha Denshi] Gang Wars Icon_minitimeSun Jul 09, 2017 4:07 pm

Arcade (1989)[PSP mini, 2012]:
1-2 players

[Alpha Denshi] Gang Wars Gangwa10

Before the game begins, you can choose if you want your character to excel at Power, Speed, or Guard.

Button 1 - kick
Button 2 - punch/pick up/use weapon
Button 3 - jump
3, 1 - jump kick

In between stages you can put points into any of the stats with 1. If you see an enemy get stunned, and you get in close enough, either attack button will do a rolling throw(think of an armdrag in pro wrestling), which will usually finish that enemy off. Usually 2 is the safest best, but 1 works well when you're carrying a weapon(which you'll promptly drop to do this maneuver). Something does seem off with the games collision detection though. It may be too easy to fall off an edge, or a little difficult to hit enemies at what you think is the appropriate distance, etc.
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[Alpha Denshi] Gang Wars
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